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9week old


Hi, I’m going to speak with my health visitor on Monday but just wondered if anyone else had same problems, my son is 9weeks old he’s on neocate prescription milk and carobel to think Em it as he has reflux according to the tin he should be on x6 4oz bottles in 24hrs how ever he’s having x6 5oz bottles in 24hrs as he’s constantly hungry and health visitor said that’s fine however his still hungry sometimes after feeds and I do t want to up his oz because it makes the reflux worse!! Any thoughts?? Cheers Claire xx

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We had this with our reflux baby. Always stick with little and often. My daughter would also sometimes want more after a feed but I would leave it an hour and then give her a couple of oz top up if she still wanted it. Your baby is still tiny but you will settle into a feeding routine eventually. When the time came to increase her milk by an oz we had to do it gradually but it was still a painful process for her. I used to dread it! We would increase one feed at a time and started with the day feeds. Hope that helps! Xx


My little boy has reflux, he’s 11 weeks old and he’s also very hungry but takes little and often (feeds every 2 hours taking 2-4oz) and has around 8-10 bottles a day!!

We tried carobel to thicken but it gave him really bad diarrhoea 😥

It’s very hard, as no matter what you do it always seems to affect the reflux 😞

Could you maybe give him less but more frequently? Or little top ups between feeds if he needs it?

My little boy had 2 growth spurts, one around 6 weeks and one around 9 and his hunger went through the roof it was scary, we couldn’t keep up! Could your boy maybe be having one too? Xxx

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I think he could be I have a 13month old who has reflux too it’s hard work reflux x

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