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Growth Scan

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing okay!

After infertility battle, hubby and I expecting our first baby after taking clomid. We are absolutely thrilled. It's been a bit up and down... had several scares which resulted in close monitoring and multiple scans etc. I am now 31 weeks tomorrow. Recently had my 31 week check and being sent for a growth scan. Has anyone had any experience of what to expect? I've recently been unwell with a suspected infection due to bloods showing high white cell count and low red cell count but otherwise I am pretty healthy and feeling better after being on a course of antibiotics.

Wishing everyone all the best, wherever you are on your journeys xxx

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We had scheduled growth scans every 3 weeks from about week 25 and having my final one tomorrow (week 37). Sometimes the scans are done in the usual 12 and 20 week scan rooms and at other times we are in a different room with a much smaller ultrasound machine. The sonographer will probably measure the baby's head circumference, thigh bone and circumference around their abdomen. They can use this to estimate the baby's weight. They may also calculate your AFI (amniotic fluid index) which is a number used to compare how much amniotic fluid you have to normal volumes. We are never offered a picture in these scans, but its very reassuring to see the baby's heartbeat on screen. X

I had a growth scan at 31 weeks my bump started showing measuring small. That initial scan showed that baby was breach, there was a reduction in my fluids and baby was smaller than expected. However, I was also told that they do these if you show any deviation of your norm and often reveal everything is as it should be.

Mine led to me going back have scans weekly, alternate growth and doppler, as well as being strapped to the monitor. The decision was to deliver baby before my due date and I had an elective c section. Baby was delivered at 38 weeks and weighed 6lb8 which was roughly average, despite showing up as small in the scans. She is a perfectly healthy two week old now.

Basically what I am trying to say is I've been there, baby was absolutely fine, they are just extra cautious these days and if they pick anything up from the scan they will monitor you to keep you both safe.

Had a growth scan at 35 weeks with my first bump measuring small... 1st scan showed slightly reduced fluid, second scan was back to normal baby born at 7lbs 4 ie very average size

Thanks everyone for your replies, feeling a lot more reassured. Hope you are are doing ok and sending love and BIG hugs xxx

Hi - yes i had one at 35 weeks as my bump was measuring small - everything was fine when i got scaned and baby arrived when i was 41+1 weeks weighing 8lb 14oz xxxx

I have my first growth scan tomorrow have to have them every 3 weeks and was same on last pregnancy. Purely because I'm classed as a high risk pregnancy so they want to keep a closer eye on baby. I'm a high risk pregnancy anyway but have severe sickness all way Through and still have it at 28 weeks so I haven't been really putting on weight so they really want to keep an eye on baby's growth. Was no problem with my second I was just sick of seeing scans by time he was born lol

When are you due Kate91? I remember Talking to you when you first fell on about c section

I'm 28 today and first growth scan tomorrow I'm high risk too due to various matters I'm quite worried about my scan tomorrow although I couldn't get sick of having scans. Iv had 8 up to now. 😘💝

Poppy you'll be fine they just measure head tummy and thigh bone and want to see baby is measuring right for this time and it varies so try not to worry.. I'm worried because they've said from 13 weeks he'll be small but at 20 he measured big so I'm scared he's dropped loads and they'll intervene early. 😘💝

29th october is out due date. And I get fed up of them purely as it's a pain getting to hospital. I've got a scan tomorrow at 8.40 followed by consultant at 10.30. Other half doesn't get in till 8 am and hospital is half hour away. Mother in law is taking me but got to have kids aunt stop over tonight in case over half is even 5 mins late as we won't make It on time waiting for him to get in.

Oh wow. In the past two days iv met two ladies due same date as me.

Awwww right I understand what a palava. Hospital isn't far for me 5-10 mind in car and they always do it where I see consultant straight after scan. I understand why you feel that way plus it's real early. So much prep you have to do

Good luck tomorrow let me know how you get on do you know what your having? Xx

Yeah we are having a 3rd boy. No girls for us. We won't be having more I'm having a terrible pregnancy and at the moment anxiety and fear for a number of reasons is making me cry at he thought of giving birth this time round. We decided that I wouldn't handle being pregnant again so doomed to be out numbered.

Same here hun it's been full of fear.

Sorry your going through so much upset.

Have you not asked for a section then? Xxx

I changed hospitals recently and haven't had a full consultant appointment with my new consultant yet tomorrow will be the first proper one. The consultant is going to get a list of problems when they ask how I am doing. I'm hoping that I can maybe at least get them to agree to induce me at a specific point so we can at least prep and I'm.not panicking about going over I'm already ending up in tears just at the thought of another 12 weeks let alone possibly more.

Awww hun I'm really sorry bless ya.

If you want to pm me and talk about it my inbox is always open.

I'm a good listener hun.

Sounds dreadful what your going through. I hope they listen and help you out. Whereabouts in England are you hun xxx

Thanks so much for your replies. It's so helpful being able to chat with others. I'm so sorry you have both had such a stressfull time with things, the worry never stops does it? I do hope everything goes well for you. Sending lots of love and BIG hugs ❤ xxx

Love and BIG HUGS back at you poppy xx

Thank you ❤

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