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I can't get pregnant


Hi everyone! We have been trying to get pregnant since the begining of 2018. The first 3 or 4 months we had sex at least 4-5 times per week, and after we had sex almost each day more than once. Somehow I still can't get pregnant. My periods are a bit irregular, now I'm on my 39 day( max cycle so far 43 days). In the last 2-3 periods I always feel a bit nauseating and crazy appetite but for nothing. Also in the middle of the month I get some brownish discharge which usually is around my ovulation period( as per calendar app). I must mention my BMI is approx 21, I dont drink or smoke, have a balanced life style( sleeping about 6 or 7 hours each night), approximately healthy diet. My most recent medical problem was vitamin d deficiency which is now treated with weekly doses. Should i start looking for medical help? Ps never been pregnant.

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Hi Hun after my miscarriage a year today I decided to start again so download an app to know when I’m most fertile and that was that for a few months and my period kept turning up. I am too vitamin D defiancey so made sure I took thos and also got my self on folic acid then drank plenty of water on top and now I am nearly 18 weeks pregnant! So I would say take your folic acid and vitamin D and chart your fertile and less stress more fun and all should happen x good luck xx

Having sec daily actually doesn't help as the amount of sperm.in each lot of semen ejaculate is decreased. Also I know it doesn't seem like it but half a year isn't a long time to be trying. Drs will tell you there's no point in running tests till you've been trying for over a year with no luck.

I found best thing is to stop actively trying as the stress of it can be the worst thing for it.

Agree with downloading an app to work out your most fertile times. This helped me a lot - I used Ovia (for info, it took us 6 mths to conceive then had a miscarriage then took another 5 mths to conceive again - now have an 18 week old). And also agree with taking vitamins and folic acid and making sure you drink enough, eat well and exercise regularly.

Ideally, try and leave 24-48hours between sex to make sure your fella’s sperm count and motility is at optimum levels. Doing it too often can sometimes reduce sperm count as it doesn’t allow enough time for production.

I know this next piece of advice will drive you insane (it drove me nuts when people suggested it but I assure you it works!) - stop ‘trying’ and try to enjoy your sessions as this will take some of the pressure off, help to reduce your stress levels and make it more likely you’ll get pregnant.

Another thing to try - ovulation tests around when you think you are ovulating to confirm. You can add this info into the app to make it more accurate.

And also try to remember it can take an average couple with no fertility problems around a year to conceive so, as upsetting as it is, please try not to worry xx

Hi darling, don’t lose hope it’s still early days.

According to the NHS, “Some women get pregnant quickly, but for others it can take longer. It's a good idea to see your GP if you haven't conceived after a year of trying.

Women aged 36 and over, and anyone who's already aware they may have fertility problems, should see their GP sooner”.



What I found helped me conceive was knowing when I ovulated, I had apps that apparently tell you, but unless you are doing it off body temperature they can't be super accurate.

I bought a bundle of cheap ovulation tests off Amazon for a few quid and took one a day from the start of my cycle right through until the end, as it happens the tests showed I ovulated 2 days after the apps told me I would. I conceived that same cycle. We would have sex maybe a couple of times a week, and then my partner was away the week before I ovulated (by chance) so we went a week without, and then did it twice the day after I got a positive test, which was when he got back from his trip.

I used an app, and ovulation kits, and it still took 1 months for us to conceive. Don't panic! For the majority of people it takes at least a year :) I know it feels like forever waiting every month, I get that!!

If you have irregular periods even though you've been trying for 7/8 months you may have only had 5/6 "chances"? Don't give up hope, just keep at it. Enjoy the baby making part of it and don't turn it into a chore, try and stay stress free with it all and it'll happen eventually :) X

Hi there, a few tips. It took me 6 months, I had BMI about 20 and Pcos, the Pcos worried me. But heres what worked. First check your ovulation is when u think using both thermometer and sticks, make sure you're not just having sex on those days as mine was moving around every month and on the month I got pregnant I actually thought I'd missed it. Secondly my BMI wasn't too low but nonetheless I decided to eat a bit more, all healthy, to make sure I got enough iron etc.., there's some science that says thin ladies take longer to get pregnant, might be complete rubbish but it was worth a go. Third don't worry. When I stated to think it would be ok not to get pregnant, that's when I got pregnant. Easier said than done so I told myself if it took over a year I'd do a different meaningful thing with my life, like adopt or help a kids charity. Also, all this time you're probably having great sex. Fourth, get plenty of light exercise like walking. Also encourage your partner to be healthy, take the walks and eat the salad with you. Fifth, take a nice relaxing holiday if you can, hopefully it will coincide with ovulation but if not it's still nice. Youlso go to the docs too but I wanted to wait and See.

Hope it works.

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