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Weeping eczema

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My son is 8 weeks old and has eczema , I saw signs about 5/6 weeks and since then his symptoms have worsened. Over last few days the creases in his arms and feet have began to weep excessively and he has had some weeping from his face, neck and chest area also. Anyone found this in a child so young and anyone have any advice on how to ease symptoms ? For moment doctor has advised to use emollient to help, however it does not seem to be working.

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My LG has dry skin since she was born but started to get eczema at around 3 months and now it’s really bad especially in this heat.

It’s constantly weeping and she’s been given two lots of antibiotics for it. She’s constantly scratching it and making it worse. We have to dress her in long sleeves and trousers at night with socks and mitts otherwise the bedsheets are so bloody in the morning from the scratching. Not ideal in this heat but at a loss as to what else to do.

We’ve been referred to dermatology as it’s all in her creases and all over her body and all weeping.

Not much you can do except use the creams and keep going back to your doctors if the creams aren’t working and try more xx

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Thank you for your reply .. this heat is definitely affecting him as he's very unsettled and itchy through the day but at nights he settles a bit more and is less distressed .. the doctor has given me antibiotics but I was a bit worried about giving him them when he is so small and thought maybe creams or something would help him he doesn't have a temperature or any signs of infection other than the weeping. Was your daughter ok with the antibiotics ? It's a worrying time when it is so bad, my daughter has eczema from the same age however hers was nowhere near as bad. Xxx

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I find it the other way round and she’s really itchy at night I feel so sorry for her 😞. We had a bad couple of weeks where she would hardly sleep because she was so stressed with it.

The doctor gave us flucloxacillin and to be honest it didn’t really do anything but every baby is different. She has suffered with a dodgy belly though. The doctor has given us clarythromycin now but I’m not happy to use that as the pharmacist was a bit taken aback that a baby so young has been prescribed it so put me off a bit.

We’ve got our dermatology appointment next Tuesday so just holding off to see what they say before using it.

Just wish it was winter so I could cover her up all the time so she doesn’t scratch her skin to bits.

What creams have you been given? We’ve had all sorts and don’t think they help that much. We use cetraben mostly and oilatum for the bath xx

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They've given us oilatum cream and diprobase, the bath stuff made him worse so stopped using it.. they have given me the flucloxacillin today but I think I am going to try and get a second opinion before trying it especially if you are saying it didn't work for your girl. I am not sure that antibiotics are ok for the now for him being g so little. He was supposed to get his immunisations today and the health visitor refused to give him them as his skin is too raw xxx

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The main reason I got fluclox was because she came up in a spotty rash and they reckon it was viral from the weeping and it cleared the rash but they weren’t happy about the weeping and nor was I so wanted to try it at least. Maybe if she was on it longer than 5 days it might of worked I don’t know. Hope you get it sorted soon it’s horrible seeing them uncomfortable but I think it’s trial and error with the creams xx

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My daughter was born with eczema it was all over her cheeks and stomach cracks of the arms and legs she actually still has it to this day shes 12 the best way for it to go away is hydrocortisone creamthe doctors give you. My daughter used it since birth. A nice bath put the cream on then later usually after the 1st treatment we switch back to lotion and it will clear up. The cream you will notice a total difference the next day sometimes within the hour. Sounds like your baby has a terrible flair up. Don't worry it can be a stress but just work with it. Oatmeal baths help sooth them. Lotion is a must. You can get it cleared up. Sometimes it will give your baby white patches of skin where the dry skin was . i hate those. But its just really bad dry skin. When your baby is asleep put a ton of lotion on and let them rest with it on. My daughter puts on a ton of lotion like a mask and sleeps like that when her skins acting up.

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I wished hydrocortisone worked for my baby but it does nothing for her 😞 plus your not supposed to used on weeping skin so it’s a viscous circle 😢 xx

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Thank you very much I am going to try some hydrocortisone on him and some oil based lotion as the water based doesn't seem to be helping at all. I was worried about steroid cream with him only being 8 weeks however he needs something to help him as the lotions are not helping at all with weeping bits or the red/inflamed areas of his skin .. it is quite severe so hopefully it will calm down. Thank you for your help and advice x

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The steroid cream will really really help if it's inflamed and very red definitely use it to give him some relief. If you don't like the thought of it just use it until the main inflammation goes away then switch to lotion. Hopefully your baby just has baby eczema and not long term like my daughter. She uses Lubriderm brand lotion seems to work the best for her. When my daughter was really tiny she would try to lick the dr. Prescribed hydrocortisone cream off her arms. I always feel so bad for her having eczema. I hope your babies eczema goes away.

Emollients can irritate the skin more. I use 50:50 on my sons skin and steroids. Cool baths and wash them in the 50:50. Keep him as cool as possible. My son was exactly the same. try using a eczema laundry powder also boots have a good one. ask to see dermatologist. And scratchsleeves are a god send!! Google them and stock up. Ask your dr for skinnies. Good luck. It will get better it will get easier your doing a great job

We've had eczema with my older daughter who is now 2.5yrs

If weeping normally does need antibiotics as could be infected.

Mainly though as general principles ... I wash her with water only as oilatum bath additive made her more itchy. I washed her as little as possible... now shes better we have a daily bath but still use only water.

Only use non bio detergents.

Use the emollients as often as possible even for times a day on the non weeping skin, it will not cure a flare up but will prevent them so it's really important. Steroids in cream form only for flare ups as you can't use it long term.

Some Antibiotics can be used from birth... so wouldn't worry that he's so small.

Hi I have eczema myself. Try child’s farm baby moisturiser from boots chemist. It can be used on newborns upwards. I have found this relives my feeling of being itchy. It does not sting like the steroid cream does when applied either. It seems to cool and sooth the skin. There is write ups on it to say it improves eczema without any steroids in it. It is made with natural ingredients. Have a read up on it and give it a go. It costs about £8 for a 250ml pump bottle.

Hi, I thought this article would be of interest to you, we bought ours in Asda 👍🏼


We also have silver cream in constant supply in our house, I have to be careful of chemicals in products for myself, so this is my herbal go to, we use it for pretty much everything skin related, my husband thinks it’s like magic ha.

The price difference is big though (Child’s farm is much cheaper), I really hope he gets relief soon x

With my first who is 2.6 years I found laundry detergent made it worse....fairy non bio to be exact. I then switched to surcare and ecover. That helped. But I found they didn't get rid of stains well. I find he has less flair ups with Ariel bio or persil small and mighty bio. (Using persil powergems at the moment and his flair up seems to be increasing). I do an extra rinse cycle or 2 with the bio detergents. My 6 month old is fine with both fairy and the persil powergems (helps get rid of explosive poo stains). So it really depends on the child. Try a range and see what works for you.

I also use honey and milk in his bath (for over ones)

Keep trying different emollients till you find one that works. You could try dermal 500 from gp an antibacterial emmolient. It's a wash/moisturiser.

For the weeping skin try sudocrem. You can also get a calamine cream. Boots do one.

Sorry for the long essay. I know how frustrating it is to deal with eczema. Can't wait for autumn to get some relief before the cycle begins again in the winter.

Good luck mum

The best I found to use for aczema is epaderm OINTMENT . Its super greesey but super good too ! Simpthoms get better in a few days. Dont use it in the bath , because it makes the child super slipery and its dificult to get the baby out of the bath as u wont be able to find any good grip on him. Epaderm was reccmended by pediatrition for us as well. Good luck. If its too bad, the Dr might reccomend a light steroid to be put on top of this cream .The most important thing with eczema is to keep it hydrated all the time.the best mosturizer i found was this eppaderm ointment, which was developed by UK dermatologists.

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