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Giving more breast then Formula

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A couple of weeks ago I decided to combination feed by giving my son formula feeds at night and breast in the day. I have decided to try and go back to exclusively breast feeding. I’ve realised it has messed up my regular milk supply a lot. sometimes when on the breast my son gets very irritated and upset whilst on the breast as if there is no milk for him? What would be the best way to get my milk supply back to what he needs? He’s 9 weeks old.

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Hi Hun have you been expressing or just straight to breast , I know my sister done the expressing after 8 weeks which helped her xx

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I stopped expressing when I started giving him formula. But have now started to express again which seems to be helping. Thank you xx

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Your very welcome, I hope more will flow my lovely xx

The time that your body will really assess how much milk it needs to be making is between 2&5am so as awful as it sounds, that's the time to pump. You'll also find your boobs are fuller in the morning so you can express off one side while he feeds from the other. That way you'll have a bottle for him later in the day when he feels hungry.

A few nights of middle of tte night pumping plus loads and loads of fluids should get your supply back up- and then don't mess with it 😉 good luck x

Just keep nursing, our breasts are never truly empty and baby will always be able to get what they need, it might just take them a little longer. Make sure you stay hydrated and eat well as not doing either won't help supply.

Try to offer every two hours during the day, or sooner if baby shows signs, going no longer than 1 5 hour stretch at night. Thus is both good to build and maintain supply, and is recommended by WHO to keep baby's blood sugars stable. This should be done until their solid intake is more than their milk intake, so normally at around the 1 year mark xx

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Just to clarify, going no longer than 1 5 hour stretch is recommended by WHO for blood sugars levels. The rest of the information comes from the IBCLC (Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant) that has been my go to for all things breast feeding. My son is 8 months old and has always been breast fed.

The best way is to put baby to boob and your boobs will adjust. A baby’s suck is stronger than a pump. I offer both boobs at feeds to keep my supply going. When my baby sucks my boobs fill up there and then but they also fill overnight too. Your baby may be fussy at the boob because they are getting used to more boob time. Could possibly be reflux (my baby got like this at 9 weeks too). Are there any breast feeding experts in your area? They have them at some NCT groups or infant feeding cafes at your local hospital. They are fantastic for giving advice on breastfeeding and are very encouraging. Babies can go through the night without feeding. Some babies sleep through from very early on, some need lots of night feeds. Just depends on their individual needs. Good luck with the rest of your breastfeeding journey xx

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