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Is this a evaporated line? I didn’t read it in time But I am 15 days late with one faint positive and a negative after that faint then this

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I go Friday for another test at this free clinic. I’m so anxious and nervous to find out what’s going on with my body or if there is a baby in this warm oven lol

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Grey not pink

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It’s actually purple the picture just looks like that. Have you ever had a evap line

Nope that's a evaporation line.

Its to skinny a positive faint would be fatter but faint

Ok. It’s actually purple the same color as the test. I definitely ruled this out seeing that I checked it the day after I took it. Thanks everyone I’m just gonna wait til Friday and hope for the best. Has anyone had this happen and still get a positive hpt?

If you didn't read the results within the time frame what the manufacturer gives, then the test is not valid. It doesn't matter what it shows

Lol thank you

I had one like that the day before my period was due. Left it and done another one 4 days later and it was thicker and darker. Hoping it’s good news for you. Good luck 🍀 . Let us know how you get on xx

Try a clear blue maybe? Xx

So I actually was pregnant but had a early miscarriage. My hcg weren’t doubling is to why it was barely showing up on a hpt. I’m kinda bummed but my significant other is definitely by my side 😃 I actually started cramping and passing greyish clots at work this morning 😔 so I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I wish everyone good luck on their journey.

Aw I am sorry for your loss , I hope you are ok !! I wish you the very best with the future xx hugs 🤗 and prayers xx

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