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Hey guys,

So I’m 7 weeks pregnant today. The past two weeks I’ve been feeling so nauseous and sometimes even getting sick.. the pregnacare liquid folic acid that I’m taking makes me want to get sick straight away 🤔😩 I don’t understand how that’s making me want to constantly get sick but yet I need to take it every day? I’m not good at taking tablets unless they’re small ones. Is there anything you guys would recommend? And also is there anything to take for the nausea?


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Dont use the liquid if its making you sick you can pick up non expensive folic acid tablets from most pharmacies even stores like home bargains usually have it in folic acid tablets arent big at all. Sickness is a common part of early pregnancy though some women have it severely and all the way through.

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Thanks I will have a look in boots for some folic acid tablets.. hopefully I won’t have it for much longer but feeling better the last two days not nauseous. It worrying me a little bit but I reckon it’s normal?

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Perfectly normal. If it gets to a point it's impacting daily lidebor your vommiting regularly as well then see your doctor but nausea and sickness are common side effects of pregnancy due to the difference in your hormone balances

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