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Nausea and gagging vs Vomiting


So I'm almost 8 weeks, can't wait to get to week 14 and I have not vomited. I have been having terrible nausea and sometimes gagging but no vomiting. Today is by far the worse and I'm at work so I can hardly function properly. I'm feeling right now like it would be good if I just threw up once because this nausea is not going away. I can no longer eat my own food. Crackers and porridge seem to be the only things helping with the feeling but they don't last long.

I use water too but that doesn't really help. Ginger sweets last for a few minutes and then the nausea is back. I don't know what to do but I would like feedback about whether or not you feel better after you've vomited.

Suggestions of possible foods to help would be appreciated too.


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Try gettin into see your gp they should give you some sickness tablets, I’m on them at the moment I’m still being sick and I’m 13+4 weeks pregnant they make me cope a lot better tho and take away the nausea feeling that I got all the time , hope you feel better soon xx


Thanks. I'll talk to them. Hope you feel better too.

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