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Am I still pregnant??


I went to the dr last week at what I thought was 6 wks pregnant. The dr did an ultrasound but only saw the sac. Couldn't hear a heartbeat. She thought it was just too soon. Said she sees that a lot. What is concerning me though is I had some awful headaches and nausea but that disappeared 100%. The only symptom I have is that I'm exhausted, but thats pretty normal since I work full time and have a 14 mo old. The past few days I've had a brownish discharge like what happens at the end of your period. I've had a tiny bit of cramping, kind of how I feel before I get my period. Ugh! This is driving me insane. I have to wait 7 more days for the next ultrasound. I just want to know if my baby is still alive!

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Not to scare you, but this is the start of what happened when I miscarried. I was 7 weeks and started having brown discharge that turned pink and red. Bleeding kept getting worse even though everyone kept telling me bleeding was normal. You can go to the ER for scans if youre bleeding. They took me back right away and did ultrasound scans. I hope your baby is ok! xxxxx

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Same. Lost the baby. :(

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Sorry to hear that you lost your baby hun I really hope your ok sending you lots of hugs 🤗 xx

I had a bleed that lasted for 3 days so I assumed that was my period even though I had been having pregnancy symptoms, I put it down to a urine infection and skipping breakfast. It wasn't until about 3 weeks later when i was still having the symptoms so I thought I'd just do a test to rule it out and low and behold, we were pregnant!

I've miscarried twice before and started having pain when I was about 5/6 weeks pregnant so they sent me for a scan and just saw the sac and a tiny dot but couldnt see a heart beat. I was sent home and had to go back about 8 days later for a scan.

We went back and there was our little grain of rice with a heartbeat! Our son is now 17 weeks old 😁!

My bleed at the beginning must of been implantation bleeding. As ling as you have no bright red blood or having extreme period pain then you'll be fine hun.

I had period pain up until about 14 weeks. It is normal to have them pains. When I miscarried, I was curled up in pain xx

I was in your position but my dates were just a bit wrong. Take each day at a time and fingers crossed in a week you will get a happy outcome.

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