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Can you get a positive opk if you are 13 days late?


My period hasn’t came it’s been 13days and still hasn’t came I had a few opks left so I said what the heck! I’m almost certain that that is a positive result. This was yesterday and three days ago I had this happen. What could be going on?

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Opk’s are able to detect pregnancy so you could well be pregnant. Have you tested? Xxx

Kelz123 in reply to Amanda86

About five days ago. It almost looked like a shadowy type line. So I’m guessing negative. I think I was gonna test today. I’m 13 days late with mild cramping off and on throughout the day. I’ve never been this late. I’m almost convinced that I may have ovulated late.

Amanda86 in reply to Kelz123

I’d test again, it might have been that 5 days ago the HCG maybe wasn’t strong enough. If you test with first morning urine as it’s the most concentrated.

Good luck xxx

Kelz123 in reply to Amanda86

I’m going to definitely test again. I had a positive opk 3-4 days ago as well which creeped me out.

Opks can pick up pregnancy hormone hun you could be pregnant xx

Does that opk look positive? I’m so nervous because I have been thru a lot with cervical cancer and had it over 90% of my cervix and it has been hard to get pregnant this pass year. So I’m anxious nervous scared all at the same time. I just want answers lol

Yes, the, test line is, darker than control. So sorry for what you've, been through but if I was you I'd, get a pregnancy test to be sure. Xx

Thank you. I’ll be back with an update.

Good luck hun 😘💝

Negative hpt. This is what is confusing me. Positive opk still for four days and negative hpt. Could I just be test to early. Kt last menstrual was June 12th I’m not quite sure when I O’d but I’m pretty sure my menstrual should of been here before now 🤪 I’m going crazy

What hpts are you using. Plus the fact you've done one so soon the hormone might not be strong enough. Wait till morning try not to wee through the night and test then. I recommend first response test xx

Orr you could have missed your period and ovulating again. Can happen our bodies are mysterious things. Xx

Take a pregnancy test not opk if your period is late.

Take a pregnancy test, good luck keep us all posted xxx

Well the test I took I didn’t look at it right away I just looked at it and it has a skinny line then the control line is dark. It’s definitely two lines. But could it be a evaporated line.


Your pregnant that happened to my sis

Kelz123 in reply to Hidden

I don’t know what to do or think. I’m so confused.

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