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Drinking too much fizzy pop

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Hey guys,

So I’m 9+7 weeks and there’s nothing that’ll settle my tummy like some coke, I’m gusszling it by the pint and I’m wondering if the baby really likes it or if I’m lacking in vitamins and minerals?

I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend x

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Maybe your lacking the sugar hun so could be vitamins but coke has a lot of caffeine which should be cut down on xx

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Thanks for the response chick, I’m going to get booked in with my midwife she will hopefully tell me what’s up, I have cut down on a lot of caffeine but this coke situation is getting out of hand. I’m currently taking pregnecare do you think there’s a chance I’m not getting enough vitamins and nutrients from them? X

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You could always have the caffeine free coke. I love Diet Pepsi but switched to caffeine free but only limited myself to a bottle over the weekend although that was hard xx

I've been craving sugar like crazy!! And I don't usually have a sweet tooth at all. Have you tried fruit juices instead? I've stocked up on ginger biscuits, yogurts, oranges, melon, chocolate rice cakes and some oaty cookies. Also made some sugar free jelly with some tinned mandarins as a slightly healthier option. My body wants haribo and chocolate! Which I don't usually eat at all! If I'm wanting treat food normally it's crisps and chips etc so wanting sugar has been a shock! Maybe try some smoothies or something and see if it has the same effect? Or get some caffeine free coke? Best of luck! Xxx

I wish I could drink fizzy pop I loved it before , if I have a sip of any fizzy pop now I’m sick 🤢 could murder and nice freezing cold can of pop , I can only drink water and tea I never drank it before but it’s only thing that don’t make me sick xx

There are no vitamins or minerals in coke. It might be sugar cravings but you should really try to reduce amount you consume. Try to substitute with healthier drinks like water, milk, fruit juices and smoothies. Too much sugar and empty calories you consume by drinking coke is not good for your and your baby's health. Try to gradually cut down and see how you feel.

Thank you so much girls, at the start of my pregnancy I was drinking litres of water a day to keep me hydrated, I have so far only had one can of Coke today which is really good for me🙈 I’m so lucky to have you all giving me the advice I need, it’s really helpful and puts my mind at ease. You girls are the best💕❤️



Well done to you my lovely 😊 xx

Maybe it's the caffeine your craving. I had this weird thing for coffee and I hate coffee it makes me stay up all night off 1 cup. I was in search for coffee candy any thing that had a coffee flavor I wanted cola but I don't drink soda never so I never bought it but definitely got the coffee candy like crazy.

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I am a heavy coffee drinker, I haven’t had one since I knew I was pregnant. Maybe I’m craving the caffeine instead of the fizz from the pop/soda then. Thanks for that I will make sure I steer clear completely x

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