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Is there a possibilty I'm pregnant?


Recently I have been experiencing many pregnancy symptoms. These symptoms include:

Stomach ache, bloating, backache, sore breasts, bleeding gums, constantly needing a wee, always tired and hungry, funny taste in my mouth etc.

I've recently changed to a mini pill and I've missed it once due to illness and I can't remember if I had taken another one. Possibility of two missed doses. Me and my partner do not use condoms and I've been getting these symptoms for a total of around 3 days. I am unable to do a pregnancy test until next week. What's everyone's advice and opinions?

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My advice is we don't know. It might be because of change in contraception, it might me pregnancy or something else.

I'm havein the same not had pill sine feb had one bleed sine stop cNt rember 2 week ago donr a home test come back wasnt but feelin it got ever sing for it and then last week 17th done a clear blue come up I'll was week befor donr a other test cum back was then wen hosptail was in pain cum back on blood wasn't so on 17th do the clear blue can back was wen for scan on 20th doc sent me for couldn't see out then had blood done agin cum back wasnt but keep still feel it

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