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pretected sex, no period, negative pregnancy test


been having safe sex with my boyfriend occasionally like every month. my period is two weeks late now, and I took a first response 2 days ago. Came out negative. If I press where my uterus is, it hurts a bit. Today I woke up feeling extremely sick. Diarrhea, and terrible morning sickness. Another thing to note is that I have been eating once a day lately because I’m having stomach and reflux issues.

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If you've been having protected sex and only around once a month it's very unlikely that you'll be pregnant . A missed/late period could be down to many other things like stress or a change in lifestyle or a lot of other things :) I'd go see your GP especially if you're feeling crappy, and hopefully they can help shed some light x


If you are trying to reach your uterus you are most likely pushing on your small intestine.

That out of the way, if you think you might be pregnant, do another test. If it's negative, book an appointment with your GP


what does it mean if have a 2 line on a pregnacy test but come back on blood not and scan but got all symtoms

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