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Negative HPT, can I still be pregnant?


Hi, this is the first time me and my husband trying to have a baby. My period is six days late but all the 3 HPT test i take is negative. My normal period cycle is around 29-30 days, but now its been 36 days. It's 20 DPO. can I still be pregnant?

It feels like my period is coming since last week but its not coming. Heartburn, sore breast and a bit nausea.

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It could still be too early hun to test and there’s only a small amount of hcg in your urine . I would try in another 2 days with morning urine and if no answer there hun or period doesn’t turn up go to your gp they can test and do bloods there. Good luck xxx


Hi. Were you on the pill up until you started ttc? When I came off it my periods were quite unsettled for a bit, and when my cycle was longer I thought I could be pregnant. It eventually settled down around 26/27 days. Of course, in your case it could still be too soon so if nothing has happened by next week I'd maybe make an appointment with your GP. Good luck. X

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