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8 weeks no period after taking morning after pill but 2 negative pregnancy blood and urine test

iam 20 yr old , praying that iam not pregnant, i took 1st preg blood and urine test after 3 weeks and 2 nd preg blood and urine test after 6 weeks , am i pregnant or not ?

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Unlikely if you only had unprotected sex that once. However the morning after pill is a hormone and can mess your periods, also stress can also mess things up.

I would go see your doctor to discuss contraception if you dont want to get pregnant.

Not being funny everyone has there own reasons for not wanting to get pregnant but if u are having unprotected sex knowing there a chance you can get pregnant why do it . Are you not on the pill or nothing if not go and get one the pill or something then . Taking the not after pill I think is wrong you are killing ift any chance of being pregnant . I think is so wrong jut like an abortion I don't like yeah might be because I have lots 2 babies. And there people out there like myself who would do anything to get pregnant and have a baby and what piss me of is there people like u who have sex for the fun of it knowing u can get pregnant and think or it ok because I go and get the moringt after pill no it is wrong your older anouth u no about sex and how to have protected sex warp it up next time and go on the pill or something. You don't no how lucky u are to have the chance to have a baby but no you jut take the morning after pill in away it jut like an abortion wrong I get your 20 years of age so I am also 20 I get u have your life to live before starting a family not having a go or nothing and don't want to upset anyone . But next time u have unprotected sex think to your self about the people out there who has lost a child and wants a family but can't.

You are probably not pregnant the most after will mess up your periods did u take the morning after pill with the 48 hours after having sex .u do no if u had sex after your least period then have sex same time later let's say a week or 2 then take the morning after pill u can get pregnant . But not to sure go see your doctor if you are in sure

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I think this is a bit harsh, i understand where your coming from and myself has just been in a similar position at 33.

Sometimes mistakes happen for what ever reason.

And thats what the pill is there for. Obvs not as a regular form of contraception but sometimes these things do happen and its not fair to judge or make a person feel bad from it.

Have you done a pregnancy test?

Depends when you took the pills the longer you wait the less percent the pills will stop you from getting pregnant it works best if taking with in the first 12hrs but up to 72 hrs

But I would suggest getting on some birth control and using condoms if you don’t want to get pregnant

I got pregnant at 20yr old had my daughter just after my 21st birthday she was the best thing that has ever happened to me she wasn’t planned at all but I wouldn’t change it for the world she’s 8 yrs I also raised her by my self for 5 years until I meet my hubby 3 yrs ago and I now have a one year old as well.

So age doesn’t really matter when your get pregnant i feel if your mature enough to have sex with out protection then your old enough for the out come it has sorry to be harsh but I agree with Bbuck I have fertility problems so seeing ppl get pregnant when their not preventing them then killing the baby doesn’t sit well with a lot of women who can’t get pregnant it took me 3 years to get pregnant only thanks to horrible fertility meds which are super painful

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Joey89 you could not have sed this any better . I am 19 and lost 2 babies which one was only a week today . So sorry about your problems getting pregnant . I think I can get pregnant ok jut carrying them. And I want to be mummy so bad I don't care what anyome says she is jut a number .like u sed if your mature enough to have sex with using anything about knowing full well u can get pregnant then go and use the morning after pill to kill of the in boron baby . There is a lot of people out there who would kill for a family. People need to open there eyes not saying don't have sex but warp it up and go on the pill then before having sex thing about all those people out there who has been few losing a baby and find it hard to get pregnant.

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I’m very sorry for your loss, I haven’t never been though that I can’t even imagine how hard it would be have you been to a fertility dr? If not they might be able to help figure out what’s going on. Keep staying strong it will happen as my fertility dr said if you can get pregnant it’s a good sign and easier to help fix the other issues ( but I’m in Canada 🇨🇦 ) I’m not sure how the fertility drs are everywhere else

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Hi no one will check me out for things like that till have lost 3 babies . And I don't think I have a problem getting pregnant jut carrying I think . I soon find out next few we are going to start tying for a baby . X

Hey chick, maybe you’re periods are a little out of sync, I’ve taken the morning after pill in the past and have found it’ll really delay/mess up your monthly cycle.

Also maybe visit a sexual health clinic they can offer you advice in regards to contraceptio. Better to be safe than sorry.

Hope that helps


Ive done the same, still no period and negetive tests, negetive bloods at docs.

Got sore boobs, had 4 dizzy spells, heartburn. Feel awful.

Im confused. Just hoping that it is right.

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