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Brown discharge in pregnancy

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Hi, today I had some brown discharge and I’m feeling some light pain, I’m 5 or 7 weeks pregnant. There are reasons to be worried? What can I do? I tried to call on maternity hospital because my GP told me to call there, but they are asking for some internal number(references) or something. Next week I have my appointment with midwife. What can I do?

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Hi Hun has the spotting stayed brown ? How are the pains ? They are asking for your PID number I think it’s basically how they find you on the system. So you’ve not seen your own midwife yet ? Tell the unit you’ve not had your booking in appointment yet and your gp told you to contact them . I hope your ok xx

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Thanks for your reply, I wake up because of strong pain, it is a strong pain that last few seconds and after that I don’t feel nothing. But no discharge today. Hopefully everything will be fine. What is PID number? From where should I have this number? Without this number my call is not redirected, is closed.

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It’s your hospital ID number hun that is located to you and your hospital records since you were born .

How are you feeling did you manage to get to the early pregnancy unit or your GP ? Xx

Oh no hope you and baby are ok. I have lost 2 babies one was last week . There nothing u can do jut get to your early pregnancy unit has soon has u can and take someone with u . keep phoning your early pregnancy unit but till then try and chill out .brown discharge is discharge tinged with old blood. For whatever reason, some blood in your uterus took longer to come out — and as it gets older, it turns brown. That means you end up with either brown spotting or a brownish-colored discharge. So try not to worry I no how u are felling please let me no how u get on and if u need anyone to talk to I am hear best of luck I will be thinking of u x

I have been to Early pregnancy unit, during the scan I start bleeding. They told me that my pregnancy doesn’t look ok for 8 weeks,after theire calculations I should be 8 weeks. They didn’t say too much, but on my letter they write only about gestational sac nothing else. Next week I’m going back for a new scan. Does somebody else experience this?

Hey Hun Don’t worry, brown blood is old blood. Sometimes if you didn’t have an implantation bleed it could be that x

Now is fresh blood 😞, It looks like my period is back... I don’t know what to think and what can I do .i repet the blood test I they told me that is a small decrease of hcg.

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Oh no hope your ok go to your early pregnancy and unit and get check over might be nothing but better to be safe then sorry. Hope your ok if u need anyone to talk to I am here please let me no how u get one when u can I will be thinking of u all the best x

I’m still uncertain what is happening ☹️. I’m bleeding every day, I had another blood test on Saturday but no results .... really worried.... there are any hope for me!?!

End of story. Today at scan they confirmed complete miscarriage.

So sorry ☹☹☹😢

Hi all I’m new here and to any blog of this kind. I had three early miscarriages the year before then took a year break of ttc . Came back from honey moon 1st of Jan and found out I’m pregnant 4 days b4 period. Clear blue test showed 2-3 weeks then which is impossible as my period is normally fairly regular . After few days tested again showed 1-2 weeks , then after a week still 1-2 weeks. Started brown spotting when I wipe ( sorry tmi) the day my period was due. Dr wouldn’t see me until 6 weeks when I’ll have a scan and need to start blood thinning injections . I’m freaking out as none of my other pregnancies had spotting or anything unusual but the baby stopped growing between 6-7 weeks each time . Last one was Trisomy but been assured by dr was 1 in a million chance to happen.

Very worried. Anyone had anything similar and happy endings?

Thank you so much

Hi, how about it now? Did the baby safe? I am facing similar situation and very worry too.

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AlicePh in reply to snow1988

I had a miscarriage with that pregnancy. But the following pregnancy made me a happy mummy.

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