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Pregnancy dreams

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Can someone help me here my boyfriend and I have been together 2 years and and we live together but I've come to my dads for a few days while my boyfriend is away but now I'm having awful pregnancy dreams about him cheating on me and the oddest of things he has never cheated to my knowledge lol and i trust him whole heartedly but just wondered if anyone else gets this

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Yes Hun had all the mad pregnancy dreams , it’s our hormones babe they send our brain into over drive. Some of the dreams aren’t nice and sometimes they go that deep you believe they are real. Xx

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Ceden273 in reply to Sisi14

Yea it wasn't nice at all xx

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Sisi14 in reply to Ceden273

Bless you I know I’ve had them x

I had the same the other night don’t know why it was weird.

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Ceden273 in reply to gcw104

Horrible i was convinced my boyfriend was cheating lol xx

I've had this a couple of times when I was pregnant. We've woken up in the morning n he turns over to cuddle me n I'll say I'm in a mood with you because you chested on me in my dream 😂! It was so real that I've actually woken up in such a bad mood 😂! He's 110% loyal to me and wouldn't cheat. You're hormones are all over the place when pregnant too! Xx

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