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Breastfeeding cookies!



I’m keen to try making breastfeeding cookies to possibly boost my supply this time round. I don’t imagine I’ll have much time to bake with a new baby and a 2 yr-old running about, so I was thinking about making them and freezing them in advance. Does anyone know whether you can do this or not?

Also, I’ve found an overwhelming selection of recipes on Pinterest, but if anyone has a fave recipe they’d like to share (tried and tested sort of thing) , I’d love to hear it.

Final question; does anyone know whether you can get a head start, as in, is there any benefit of eating them before you give birth?

Thanks in advance!


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Can I ask what breastfeeding cookies contain that should boost your supply? Never heard of these.


They contain things like ground flax seeds, chia seeds, brewers yeast and rolled oats which are apparently all great at boosting supply.

Honestly hun, I’m prepared to try anything to have more success this time and if it doesn’t work, then at least I can say I’ve done everything I can.


Hopefully they taste good too! I must say I found breastfeeding much easier with my second my first we struggled a lot for few weeks and needed top up as lost almost 10% weight by day 3 ... my second was a much bigger baby and lost practically nothing... latched on straight away ... so hopefully second time round will be much easier for you too!

Thanks! That’s reassuring. I know it’s not the end of the world and my little girl definitely hasn’t suffered from being mostly bottle fed, but it’s something I really want to do. X


None of these supplements have actually been scientifically proven to work. The best thing to maintain a healthy supply is to nurse on demand, going no longer than 3 hours during the day with one 5 hour stretch over night. This is also a natural protection about SIDS and helps keep baby's blood sugar levels stable.

Make sure you eat a decent varied diet, and stay hydrated. All these cookies do is add calories to your day. Which is good, but not a miracle milk maker.

People may advise you to take fenugreek, but this must be avoided, it does temporarily boost supply but will then cause it to crash, leading you to take more which is actually harmful to baby.

Just buy hob nobs. And if you want a good supply feed and pump lots, it's a supply and demand thing.

Good luck, it's an amazing thing to do.

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