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Have I had a miscarriage?


Last September I had a miscarriage confirmed by doctors after having positive test ect! Been trying ever since with partner to try again and this month was strange I had a rock solid belly for a week or two and now I’ve just flew out abroad for a hoilday and on hoilday I’ve started have these really big blood clots which I first thought was my period ? I have one picture but there was bigger ones? If I have miscarried again what’s best to do ? It’s must be early so nothing doctors can do but should I go see them anyway ? Will they maybe check to see if I can carry or not ? Needing some advice ?

Also heard that flying when your early pregnant can make you miscarriage due to pressure in the plane ? This did start happening 1/2days after flying ?

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Periods can contain clots.if heavy. Is it the right timing for period? Might be worth checking a urine pregnancy test as the level can be positive for a while.

I.used to find my periods when a bit wonky when I travelled so.it could just be that .


Flying is safe in early pregnancy. Could just be a period, as someone else said, travel can make your body a bit wonky.if it is a misscarridge you will still get a positive result on a test, so maybe try and see?

I flew to Croatia when I was unknowingly around 3 weeks pregnant, was there for a week and then flew back. A week later found out I was pregnant and had a healthy baby boy.

I too have lost 2 babies so I can totally relate with your worries. I do agree with the other 2 comments though. Do a pregnancy test as soon as hun. I miscarried and a week later had a negative test.

Wishing you all the best x

I’m on my third flight this pregnancy and he’s still kicking away! Flew to Italy at 6/7 weeks, Glasgow at 14 weeks and now I’m 24 weeks on my babymoon in Majorca. I flew at 7 weeks to California last September and had a missed miscarriage but would very surprised if the flight had anything to do with it.

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