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Help with my miscarriage

Hi everyone today has been a very sad day today for me and my parent . I find out that I was pregnant 3weeks a go we just started to tell the family and friends that I was pregnant but today I lost my baby after mouths of tying for one I lost last year well coming up to a year in stepmber. This time around was so much different was a normal day for us went to work the next thing I was on my way to the early pregnancy unit . I have had lost of test do I was 10 weeks pregnant . I have now another rainbow baby 💕💕. but the things i need some help with is I don't no what the best way to tell people that I have lost I am finding it very hard to tell people. And also I work in a nursery and my manager knowns she has sed I have to go into work tomorrow or she let me go can they do that ? Thanks hope someone can help me 💕💕

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Hi hun. So sorry to hear about your Angel babies.

Like you, we lost 2 babies. We lost in December 2016 and again in April 17. We were blessed on March 25th this year with our beautiful healthy rainbow boy. So don't give up hope for the future!

I found it very hard to tell people both times. Eventually I decided to start telling people if they asked. You'd be surprised how many people have also lost babies. Once I opened up, everyone else opened up to me and we shared experiences.

Your manger can't do that at all. Go to your GP and get a sick note. You need to grieve and be mentally stable to go back to work. I had over a month off with both miscarriages. Our first we had a lot of complications so I was off for about 2 months. Don't feel pressure to go to work hun.

I'm here if you wanna chat! Xx

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Hi sorry for the late apply I am sorry to hear about your rainbow babies . Thanks I did not end up going to work I am back tomorrow I have been to see my doctor about getting some help becouse I can't sleep . And in a few months we are going to try again for a baby . Something must not be right tho lost 2 babies and I am only 19 I think there something wrong with me . I have been told the doctors will not look in to till I am over 30 and had till have lost more then 2 is this right I would want some teat do before I try for another because I don't want to go few it all again and thanks x

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Make sure youre ready to go back hun. Theres nothing wrong with you. They wont do any checks until youve lost 3 or more babies. We asked eveeyone possible if I had checks and they said no.

We lost our first and then lost again 4 months later. 2 months after that we fell pregnant again and had a healthy baby boy x

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Oh I see and thanks I went back today was ok in a bit of pian . Have a check up tomorrow at the early pregnancy unit becouse they think some pregnancy tissues left in my womb. I am a bit worried because this never happened last time I no it can be different but I don't no what will they do if there is some pregnancy tissue left will they let it pass few or will they do something to me if u no anything about it please can u help thanks . And wow that about u and what u have been few sorry but gives me hope knowing that people have had miscarriage and sill got pregnant and had there little babies 💕💕x

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When we lost our first baby, we found out after 5 days in agony that s/he was stuck in my cervix.

The doctor took our baby away while I was awake in the hope that the rest will come away naturally.

After 2 days still in agony, I called 111 who sent me to the hospital because they thought I had an infection. They scanned me and said there was still a few clots left.

The consultant offered me a D&C as it was the only way to be sure there was no tissue left and I would be in a lot less pain. He did give me the choice to see if it passes naturally but I opted for the D&C as by this point, the process had been going on for 2 weeks and I hadn't been able to grieve properly as I was in so much pain.

I know it seems rubbish right now hun but it will happen for you! You'll be helping someone along with their loss and filling them with hope that you've lost and now have your rainbow baby ❤ xx

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Thanks and I soon find out tomorrow at the early pregnancy unit and there sure is hope thanks x

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