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Abnormal Liver Results


Hello all

I have just been discharged from hospital after laparoscopic surgery to remove a large ovarian cyst which had suddenly twisted due to size.

Full bloods were taken on admission to hospital and the consultant came to see me prior to the surgery to ask how many pain killers I’d taken at home. I’d taken 2 paracetamol 6 hours before emergency admission (for a headache) and certainly not overdosed or anything, or drank recently.

They went ahead with surgery and found it to be a large cyst which hadn’t twisted or anything so the pain I’d experienced could not be attributed to that. The pain was in the middle of my back but it has settled down now.

My liver ALT results were 429. I’ve been told my GP will be intouch soon to follow up. I’ve been constantly tired and achy from joint pains in my fingers to my feet. Has anyone experienced anything like this or could throw some light on the results?

I am 38, 5ft 4 weighing 58kg. I barely drink if at all and never really have done but I do smoke around 10 a day.

Thanks 🙏

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