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Need a moan!

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I'll be 37 weeks on Monday, & while I generally feel ok in myself, my poor feet are so sore!! I'm only managing short walks out & about, I'd love to be able to pop out shopping tomorrow afternoon but I know I'll just suffer far too much & it's just not worth it. I'm elevating them & soaking them as much as I can & it does help a bit. Just getting fed up now.

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Aw hun I feel for you it’s horrible and with the weather being so warm it’s not helping! I don’t have anymore info unless there’s cooling gel you can get xx

Thank you, I'll have a look now to see if I can find some cooling gel.

Still 4 days of work to go, plus my 4year old. It's hard work!

Oh yes I have a 4 year old too they keep you busy !! Yes Hun try the gel and I hope work flies by for you too. Xx

I know the feeling! I’m 36 weeks tomorrow and this heat is driving me mad. My feet and fingers are swollen on and off so not too bad but I’m so slow. I force myself to go shopping for a bit of exercise and I’m on maternity leave now. Try soaking your feet in cold water it feels so good! Not long to go now!

I do try to soak them when I can. Not sure if it's down to the swelling, but it's the constant feeling that I've just walked 10miles in heels.

If we go for a 3rd I'm definitely making sure it's another winter baby lol pregnancy with my daughter was a doddle!

I know I tend to feel it on the heels of my feet and the arch. I saw a physio for PSD and she recommended Birkenstocks for my feet which helps a little. I was thinking the same 🤣 I’m a winter baby and hate my birthday in December so it was great my little ones a summer birthday but the heat is so tough to deal with. I’m sure heatwaves never last this long usually 😑

Oh im totally done with the heat, I've never eaten so many ice lollies before.

I did wonder if new shoes would help. I've heard sketchers can be quite good so might treat myself to a pair.

Thank goodness we are nearly there! 37weeks tomorrow so only a week ahead of you x

New shoes are worth a try definitely. I’m over this heat too lol. Yes not long at all! It will definitely feel like an achievement once our babies are here xx

Get a pregnancy massage x

Yeah I did do last week as a belated birthday present. As amazing as it was unfortunately the effects didn't last very long x

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