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I’m 7 days delayed. Got watery discharge. Negative pt results. Am I pregnant?


I have a regular 34days cycle. The week before my ovulation week, I was very sick with a flu and asthma. I was also very stressed and just moved in into a new city and got irregular sleeping patterns. Then on my ovulation week I had sex with my boyfriend and he used pull-out method. Got sore breast around week 3 but now the soreness is already subsiding. Tried pt alreadt every other day but still got negative results. Am i pregnant or not?

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No one here will be able to tell you if you’re pregnant or not. Only a test can confirm that but there is obviously a chance if you’ve had unprotected sex, regardless of if your other half pulled out. Likewise stress and illness can cause a missed period


Get an apt to see your doctor, they can do further testing if necessary.

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