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Vaginal bleeding almost 11 week pregnant



About 3 weeks ago I had a bleeding, severe stomach and back pain. It was a threatened miscarriage. Now, at almost 11 weeks, since then, I dread everytime I need to poo. I'm a bit constipated and it makes me bleed every single time.

Does anyone has the same problem?

Should I have it checked again? I really don't want to loose my baby. 😓

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Hi my lovely if you can I’d go to epu or ring midwife tomorrow and tell her what’s happening and see if she can send you for a scan ! Xx

MartaASGarcia in reply to Sisi14

I have a scan booked for the 11th but I'm stressing out so much. I think I'm going to follow your advice.

Thank you.

Sisi14 in reply to MartaASGarcia

The 11th is too far away babe you just ring the midwife and explain to them best wishes xx

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