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Second blood test result

Hello again, so as your all aware I’ve had a repeat of bloods, I am quite annoyed with my doctors surgery because my bloods were done on the Monday and was told the result would be back in a few days, so I waited called the surgery and was told no not back yet that was on the Wednesday,so I waited and called back the next day as instructed and I was told the bloods were back BUT the doctor hasn’t looked and apparently the bloods came back on the Tuesday now yesterday I called and again I was told the doctor still hasn’t looked at the result!!! (and I thought to myself this isn’t just some bs test this Is life changing) and she wanted me to call back on Monday!!! So I informed the receptionist I have been through hell the last two weeks and now your telling me the results are in and I have to wait all weekend to know if I’m pregnant or not it’s a joke do you even understand how I’m feeling right now not knowing having all this bs she wasn’t very sympathetic just ohh!! so I said to her can you not get a doctor to call me because I’m not waiting another weekend! She got my OWN doctor to call me and this is what she had to say.....

You’ve had the blood retest because your hcg levels on the first one were @ 6mm and we’re looking for a rise in that hormone and the retest is coming back @ 8mm so she said I can’t be pregnant with such LOW hcg levels, she said she wasn’t sure on what to do next!!! Surprise (not) so she is sending me for an ultra sound scan to see if it’s a molar pregnancy or eptopic pregnancy so now as I come to terms with the fact im Not going to have a Gorgeous baby and I know I said I didn’t want to get my hopes up but kinda did and kinda couldn’t help it after 3 months of no period which I only noticed because my friend had said.

So I have sat and cryed and thought about it and looked online about molar pregnancy and I’ve come to the conclusion that no doctor, No test can actually tell me anything so I could actually still be pregnant ( because you can have a pregnancy with low hcg levels!

So I will let you all know what happens when it happens! Will let you know when I get my scan date and also the results!

I can’t really say how I feel at the moment because it’s a mixed bag, one moment I think I’ll wait till I’ve had the scan before I get upset but then the next I’m crying then I feel angry among other emotions so confused it’s unreal!

So in limbo I must wait!!

To be continued....................

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