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Overweight and pregnant

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So basically I paid for early scan today everything is great my baby bean is 9 weeks, very happy and I seen my midwife for the first time (I understand I’ve overweight and I’m short which doesn’t help) however my midwife was telling me all this stuff about me being overweight & my Bmi. I understand it all and everything but She just said cause extra weight have to see consultant unit? Has anyone else been overweight and pregnant & do they have any tips or know why you have to see a consultant?

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This standard as having. Raised bmi puts you at a higher risk of certain. Pregnancy conditions it just means some of your appointments will be at your hospital with a doctor rather than a midwife so they can keep a closer eye out for signs of things. It doesn't really change anything. I wasn't on consultant lead care for my first but was for my second purely cos of my bmi. I am again this time because of my bmi as well

Standard of you're BMI is above a certain amount. You will also have a glucose test at about 26 weeks if your BMI is above 30. Nothing personal but as kate said being of a high BMI puts baby and you more a risk.

The reason it seems like they are making a big deal out of the BMI and weight is because being overweight has been linked to a higher chance of various conditions during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes and also pre-eclampsia and raised blood pressure during pregnancy or in some women can mean they don't feel the kicks that they would normally. It also can affect the birthing plan/process in that past a certain weight, the hospitals by law may have to get certain equipment in for example a hoist if you fall over etc, since they may not be allowed to help you move due to (ridiculous) health and safety laws.

I actually think it might really help you to watch this episode of One born every minute which focuses on plus size mums (if the link doesn't show type 'one born every minute plus size mums' into Youtube. At least I think it helps explain why the plus sized mums get slightly different treatment compared to people who are not overweight. youtube.com/watch?v=mPonbHh...

Try to enjoy your pregnancy and good luck with it all!

You also end up under consultant care if you’re underweight. It’s all about mitigating risks and being under or over weight puts you and baby at risk as lyla-hay already said.

Hey, I had a high bmi and it's all I heard about for the whole pregnancy. They are a tad obsessed with bmi and although it can sometimes be attributed to complications such as gestational diabetes etc it's generally just that they are being cautious. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. Just look after yourself like any expectant mummy would :) And congratulations!! Xx


I'm over weight and was under a consultant. My midwife said as I'm over weight, my blood pressure is likely to be higher therefore I'm more at risk of developing pre-eclampsia (I didn't, my blood pressure was always perfect).

I had more scans and after seeing thwm twice, they discharged me.

I did however have to give birth on a different ward as it had more doctors and nurses available.

Try not to worry too much hun. Our boy was perfectly healthy. He was a good size though! But I think that's more to his dad being 6"1 And me being 11lb baby when I was born haha!

Wishing you the best! Xx

Haha thankyou if you don’t mind me asking how much did u weigh? When u see n your midwife I’m nervous as never been pregnant before and now I gotta have a consultant unit? Xxxx

I was 100kg when I first got weighed at 7 weeks pregnant. I think I went up to 117kg just before I gave birth. They said they only like you to put 7kg on but I put 10kg on. My son was a big baby though and don't forget the placenta is just as big! I vaguely remember seeing mine after I gave birth and it was huge! I'm roughly the same weigh as before I gave birth now.

Just worked out that I gained pretty much 3 stone!

Have you been given an extra 2 scans?

It's nothing to worry about hun. If you've been given 2 extra scans, you'll usually see the consultant after the scan and they'll talk to you about the scan and how the baby's doing along with suggesting healthy eating. I had 2 miscarriages before our boy was born so it was all new to me too. He's 3 months old now so I can't imagine the system changing since I gave birth xxxx

Yeah I’m 120 kg but cause I’m so short I’m only 5ft 1 after having implant in for years and years I gained 5 stone on the implant.. annoying lol. I haven’t had a scan yet I have one in two weeks however I paid for a early scan private which cost me £89 as was worrying nothing was in there etc even tho every pregnancy test was 100% positive. As you can see in pic there a little baba lol. I’m now 10 weeks today so my 12 week scan is in two weeks xxx

Aww hun, I had the implant for 6 years, luckily it didn't affect me. My mate though put on loads of weigh when she had the implant.

I'm 5"4 so not very tall.

I got sent an appointment to see a consultant and discuss what would happen so where I would give birth and do my obs and everything.

The 12 week and 20 week scan are standard scans. We had 2 extra scans at 28 and 32 weeks where we saw a consultant after xxxx

Okay great 👍 thanks for all advice it’s really helped I’m hoping it all goes good, I haven’t had no morning sickness which is amazing lol xxxx

I only had nausea. Was never physically sick. Hope everything is going well hun! Xxxx

Thankyou yeah everything Ok did have one spot of blood yesterday was worried rang 111 and out of hours Doctors advice me that it’s nothing to worry about xxxx

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