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Am I pregnant?


I am 3 months late with my period I did 3 hpt and two came back with one clear line and a faint line next to it. I went to my doctor who did another test and that came back negative she thought it was a good idea to get a blood test done which I thought I would put off to see if my next period came (it did not) so I had the blood test waited for the results and when I got then they were borderline so... am I pregnant or not? How can you be a little bit pregnant? Anyway I have to go back on Monday to have a repeat of tests but in the mean time I’ve had all the symptoms of pregnancy

I have been experiencing hot flashes where I sweat a lot only on my head and neck, have only had these since I missed my first period, I have been feeling sick every morning and have felt the need to eat where as I have never had breakfast in the mornings I have been feeling dizzy, I have cravings for things I wouldn’t dream of eating, I have been having cravings for milk and I don’t drink it can’t stand the stuff as I am intolerant so that especially says to me pregnancy?!! I have also put on weight around my tummy as my trousers no longer fit me I’ve had to cut the waist band in my new trousers, I’m tearful and moody my boobs have got bigger I have head aches I’m tired and as I have said I haven’t had a period in 3 months!!! Nearly 12 weeks I’d be so excited if I was but I’m also scared as it’s been 15 years since I had a child and that came with complications and I just want to know if I am as I have other children who will need to know if they are going to have a brother or sister also I live with a friend and she has had two periods since I’ve been at hers and I’ve had spotting it was around when my period was due also I am so confused atm and wondered if there is anyone else who is going through the same thing or has been through it what were your out comes as I don’t want to get my hopes up if it’s just a pipe dream I had previously had the implant rod and it messed my fertility up so haven’t been able to conceive for 14 years so I’m a bit rusty at this also I do feel like I’m pregnant but like I said I don’t want to get my hopes up can anyone help or advise chat or whatever you help is a great value many thanks xx

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Hi can I ask how old you are ? Xx

I only ask as I went though months of no periods and had all the same symptoms as you . The doc finally told me I was going though the early menopause I was 33 they gave me tablets to wake everything up which worked I’m now 24 weeks pregnant 35 years old with a 15 year old and 5 year old so this might be what’s happening mine was down to the pill and coil it had sent everything off c

Thank you for your reply I’m 36 I have 3 older children I don’t take any contraception only went on them for about a week and didn’t get on with the I had the implant 14 years ago but had to have that removed a short while after having it in as had bad reaction to it I have had regular periods before this it’s so confusing.

Congratulations on your pregnancy hun xx

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