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6 months old meals


My daughter is 6.3months old I give her three meals a day which includes two fruits and one vegetable. With 2-3 days gap I give her rice in dinner so she can sleep for long hours as I am breastfeeding. I want to as if I am giving her enough food or more food I am confused. She is pooping 4 times a day and it’s thick and solid. Is that okay. I started weaning her when she was 5.5 . Please answer how many meals should be given to a 6 months old baby

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I’d guess 3 meals and 2 snacks not huge amounts.


Be guided by your baby. We went down the baby led weaning route. My daughter eats like a horse and always has! The health visitor told me as long as it was healthy food then she can have as much as she likes. She’s 16 months old now, eats more than my 4 year old nephew and hasn’t budged from the 50th percentile. In regards to the poop, it will look more and more like adult poop as they transition fully onto adult food. Try to give her 2oz of water with every meal in addition to any milk feeds to avoid constipation. This was advice the HV gave me. Hope this helps! X


Just a bit to add, if you’re on instagram, follow young_gums. She has some great really weaning healthy recipes that I still cook for my daughter now. I think she’s even brought out a book now.

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Sorry, great, really healthy weaning recipes even!!


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