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Alright, well I have officially lost my mind. I spent 7 hours in the er just for them to say we have no idea what’s wrong with you. 😡

So here’s the story,

I am 14 days late. All the signs that AF is coming and then bam, nothing. I have taken hpt and nothing... I had a blood test done twice still nothing. I am so annoyed with everything right now but I wanted to see if this has ever happened to any of you ladies..😔

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Periods can be related for several or no reason at all... however the er is really not the place to go ( not an accident not emergency). I would wait till next period and see my family doctor if still no appearance

I went to the er due to severe severe abdominal pains :( and I will thank you

That's a different matter then. Hope it gets resolved!

I didn’t have a period for over a year🙁 they did pregnancy test bloody test and hornmone tests kept getting the usual cramps every month and nothing 😕

In the end I was sent to a specialist who told me I was going though the early menopause as I was only 33 . They gave me some meds to take to bump start them and they work in 2weeks now I’m having my 3rd baby 😍

They didn’t realise they’d over done the controception the year before the coil was being removed so they gave me the injection the coil didn’t get removed as it was in my womb so I was over the limit haha but thank god it’s all sorted now. Good luck. Get to the docs if it doesn’t come in a couple weeks x

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