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Projectile vomiting


Hello. I have just started my one week old baby on Aptamil. I was bf. Due to various reasons it's now formula (no bf police please)

Baby is 6 pounds in weight and on 2oz mam anti colic bottles.

After his bottle he keeps projectile vomiting it up, scares the life out of me. Why?? How can I stop this happening? It's really upsetting me.

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What's the difference between the white and the black machine apart from the price?

Ty All who respond

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Hi there hunni is it happening after every feed does baby seem uncomfortable And no difference just colour x

This happened with my oldest, I have machine there’s no difference in them, the machine is fine however my son has reflux and a milk protein allergy your best speaking to your health visitor or gp has your little one got any other problems?? Rash, bowel movements etc??

Hi if your baby does this every bottle you should see a doctor/ health visitor as baby won’t be getting enough food they might suggest something. He may have reflux you can get different milk which can help.

Do you give your baby the whole bottle in one go? Maybe he has abit trapped wind try winding half way through see if he keeps it down.

It could be that the baby is feeding too quickly from a bottle it does tend to flow faster. Is it all coming up and is he upset when it comes back up? If he’s not then it’s just spit up rather than actual vomiting usually. No advice on the difference but I was told by various health visitors and read reviews that they’re not great to use health wise of the baby.

I had this with my eldest. The doctor suggested infacol and it helped it a lot x


2oz bottles are way too much for a week old baby. Baby should be having approx 1oz every hour at this age. Being over fed is a sure reason he/ she is projectile vomiting. Have a look on YouTube at pace feeding, it mimics the way babies eat at the breast to give them time to recognise when they are full and stop them over eating. Babies under 6 months should never have more than 1-1.5oz per hour between feeds, so at max by 6 months old you should be feeding 6oz every 4 hours.

At this age it is very important to feed little and often to ensure that their blood sugar levels stay consistent, that means every 2-3 hours at max during the day, with 1 5 hour sleep at night, this is also a protections against SIDS.

Also formula is very hard on their tummies, so if you have made a 100% immediate switch over it is going to take some time for them to adjust, vomiting and even constipation are to be expected.

Kate91 in reply to Hidden

It depends on the baby how much is too much actually. Both my sons were having 2 oz at a week old with no problem. My youngest had severe reflux which caused projectile he throwing it all up or is he keeping some down. Id go get him checked out but the chances are they will just do what they did with my son they gave me sachets to put in his milk to deal with the reflu which he came off from in a couple month as he could older.

Hidden in reply to Kate91

Reflux is often caused by undiagnosed restrictions in the babies mouth. Medications work to treat the symptoms but don't actually address the route of the problem.

Whilst some babies may take a 2oz bottle at a week old, this baby has been breast fed for the first week, there is no way his tummy would have stretched in that time on the breast to accommodate 2oz of formula in one go.

And as much as I hate to say it, most bottle fed babies are way over fed as parents tend to not pace feed causing their tummies to stretch much sooner than they normally would.

Kate91 in reply to Hidden

Hmm i wonder where your getting your facts my mother was a midwife and my aunts a health visitor, according to the nhs anywhere up to 200 ml is normal for a young baby, and most reflux isnt caused by restrictions n babys mouth. I should know both me my brother and my two sons suffered as children and i still do. It's usually caused by too much stomach acid or loose esophageal valves.

My eldest was breastfed to start with and had to go to bottles due to severe jaundice he was taking five oz bottles at 3 weeks old,my youngest was taking four. neither of my children are over weight they both track on their percentile lines perfectly, my eldest is now 8 in age 9 clothes due to his height but we have to take everything in cos hes so slim.

My advise to the OP is better off taking him to the GP to check than worrying about the vomitting. They may tell you its normal or baby could need medication. Don't for a second think that its your fault that baby is being sick because thats simply not the case. Babies arent like adults and wont carry on eating when they feel full like we would.

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