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Baby names


hey I im 20+0 today and go for my next scan on Monday where we will hopefully find out the sex. Me and my husband are very excited as this is our first and don't want to wait till birth.

we have a few names for girls that we both agree on aria, arietty or grace

but only one boys name we both like Llewellyn which we are unsure if its suitable as a first name or more a middle name.

we want something a bit different but also not too unusual.

just wondered what other people have called their babies or what names they are thinking of?

Thanks in advance

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I love all those names! Lots of people use traditionally surname/middle names as first names these days and I think it’s really cute!

I’m a little behind you, have my 20 week scan on the 19th (can’t wait!) and my husband and I love Hawaiian names, like Keanu for a boy or Kalani or kali for a girl. But we are both tall blonde and white and not sure we can pull off names that are that cool! 😂 we also love bodhi or Reuben for a boy or Blake, autumn and willow for a girl. I want to name them something a little unusual but more surfery and less chavvy?! I’m sure we will change our minds several times before little one is born!

scaredcat in reply to jenna01

Love your names especially Kali for a girl thats quite a strong name. agree we want something unusual but not chavvy. but its got to be something to fit the little one not just as a child but through adulthood as well. never thought choosing a name would be so hard. bet your excited for your scan .

jenna01 in reply to scaredcat

Yes and that’s the difficult thing! There’s loads of super cute names but like, you don’t want to make their CV look like a joke when they come to starting a career with a childish name! I love the name aria it’s so pretty!


I always found thinking of boys names really hard. We like unusual names but not too unusual that they would get picked on. We had a gender scan at 16 weeks and found out we were having a girl so didn’t have to think of boys names for long. Good luck with finding a name xx

Just like you I wanted an unusual name - something you don’t hear much of.

For a girl Aria was going to be our name, we both 100% agreed on that.

We found boy names harder (found out at 16 weeks I was having a boy) and we could never agree. Names I liked were Grayson, Hunter, Reuben. My partner preferred other boy names, his were Findlay, Lennon, Fletcher.

We had our baby boy almost 3 weeks ago, he was 3 weeks early and we didn’t discuss boy names after about 20 weeks of pregnancy because we just couldn’t agree so it seemed pointless but when we seen him we both agreed he looked like a Reuben and that’s the name we went for 😀💙

Good luck xxx

Hidden in reply to Amanda86

Lovely name xx

Amanda86 in reply to Hidden

Thank you 😘 xxx

My friends just called her boy Chester which I like my son is called Rowan which obvs I love! It’s so hard to choose a name! X

My baby is 6 months and she is called Summer. I absolutely love the names that you have chosen. I like the fact that they are different. Hope your scan goes ok and good luck with the rest of our pregnancy x

Love all the name suggestions thanks guys. scan is this afternoon and im very excited. will then know if we need more boys names or girls :D

Had the scan baby is healthy. we are expecting a baby boy so will have to start looking at more names, :D

i like the names janet jackspn, beyonce,rihanna and elvis, bigsean and tupac xx

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