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Looking for advice - newborn baby

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Hey all,

Just looking for some advice. Our baby boy is 17 days old today. This morning around 5am in his crib his eyes were shut and he was making a bit of noise, like moaning. I thought maybe dreaming. By 6am he was quite tearful (not hysterical) and wanted to be held and wouldn’t settle if put down.

Had a visit from Healrh visitor who thought colic so we went to chemist and got infacol.

I’m reading about colic online and it just doesn’t seem like what he is experiencing, like it says babies will cry for a period of 3 hours usually afternoon or night and that it’s quite excessive crying. He isn’t crying, he’s sort of moaning but becomes a little tearful in certain positions but since 6am I’ve not been able to put him down at all because he just cries.

Health visitor also suggested he’s feeding too frequently - im feeding on demand which Midwife advised to do as he’s quite hungry regularly but health visitor said the opposite. She said make a bottle and whatever he takes he takes then get rid of the bottle and don’t feed him again for 2 1/2 hours at least, she said the constant feeding has probably upset his tummy? I guess it might have but sometimes he’ll have maybe 70/80 mls from a bottle and around an hour later he’s looking for more?

Anyway just wondering if anyone has any advise - does this sound like colic or something else? Any advice of his feeds? I’m using formula (cow and gate).

Any advice appreciated - no idea how we’ll get any sleep tonight if he won’t let us put him down 🙁 xxx

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Hi it sounds like a upset tummy Hun. I is he being sick at all what is he like burping wise ? X mummy knows best always believe yourself if you feel somethings not right book in with the gp Hun. Not saying is anything wrong but I remember been told it was nothing with my little girl by health visiter and told colic I knew they was wrong but listened when she didn’t settled I took her to the docs and yet again was told I was over reacting that she was just a cryie baby so took her to A&E to be told she was suffering with reflux and hurt her thoart she was 2 weeks old fully breast fed too on demand. Ring your doc get himseen Hun xx also lay him on a incline and swoddle him xx

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Amanda86 in reply to Kt19

Thanks very much for the reply. I’m going to get him a GP appointment tomorrow.

No sickness, just seems to be quite upset when passing wind and doing a poo 😞 it’s horrible.

I’ve got a little wedge for his crib so I’ll definitely use that tonight to see if it helps.

Your right the HV sometimes don’t have a clue - she told me to go up to a bigger teat which I thought that’s madness because surely would make him worse? And I’ve just read a bigger teat would likely cause him to take in more air causing more trapped wind so can’t even believe she suggested it. She basically wanted me to do it so he takes more of his bottle quicker?! 🤷‍♀️ Xxx

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Kt19 in reply to Amanda86

Try bringing his little legs up to his tummy slow and gental he’ll probably trump 😂 also cooled aired water too on a spoon not bottle x hope he’s comfortable soon nothing worse when you can’t take it away good luck x

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Amanda86 in reply to Kt19

Thank you - will give it a go 🙂 xxx

Maybe try some boiled water between feeds xxx

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Amanda86 in reply to Tezzabell86

Thank I’ll give that a go xxx

I think demand feeding is just for breast, 3-4 hours between bottle feeds and throw away if not drank don’t feed if it’s been standing that could upset baby’s stomach. Make sure you get his wind up give it sounds like he has wind trapped which is painful try half a bottle wind him then finish that might help.

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gcw104 in reply to gcw104

Also try swaddling him it makes them feel safe. And prop up his mattress. Trial and error sometimes they are just unsettled for a few weeks.

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Amanda86 in reply to gcw104

Thanks for the reply. They suggested feeding on demand as he was 3 weeks premature so taking very little. Even now he’s only taking maybe 80mls at most from a feed, but will be hungry again maybe a half hour or hour later. I’ve popped a little wedge under his crib mattress so hopefully that’ll help 🤞

I did think about trying hungry baby, Midwife said she didn’t think it would help but I think I might give that a go too. Thanks xxx

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gcw104 in reply to Amanda86

Oh ok maybe for early babies little and often as their belly’s are small. How big was he at birth?

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Amanda86 in reply to gcw104

He was 6lbs 13oz, dropped to 6lbs 5oz at his first weight check but today his weight was 7lb 2oz so he’s definitely getting enough formula anyway, even eating little and often.

He’s brought up a little curdled looking milk this evening so I’m wondering if maybe it’s a bit reflux he’s got? Xxx

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gcw104 in reply to Amanda86

Ah that’s not that small he would have been quite big full term my first was 6lb 3oz

Reflux they might refuse milk and cry, arch their back while feeding, vomit milk frequently, cough during the night.

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Amanda86 in reply to gcw104

Yeah he definitely would have been big I think!

He’s refusing his bottle just now even though he’s hardly had much today and usually enjoys his feeds, also bringing up a little curdled looking milk.

I think I’ll take him to doctor tomorrow just to have him checked over for peace of mind and hopefully they might be able to give me something for reflux if they think it’s that.

Health visitor said he might refuse feeds tonight but if he continued to refuse tomorrow then to have him looked at. Xxx

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gcw104 in reply to Amanda86

Yeah definitely might suggest something to help.

Also my babies couldn’t drink a lot but we’re hungry so started using hungry baby which filled them up but they drank the same amount.

I agree with the cooled boiled water in between feeds only about 1oz it will help his digestive system, I done this with all my 3 girls ! I also noticed that my youngest daughter didn’t settle on cow and gate like my other 2 daughters it didn’t suit her so I put her on Aptimal and she fed every 3 hours. They do a reflux milk to if your baby has reflux or soya problems , it might be trialsnf error but does sound like a build up in his belly .

I hope you all manage some sleep!

Also if you lie him across your knee on his tummy and rub back that helps too. Xxx

Thanks everyone for all your replies.

We’re just back from hospital. I ended up calling nhs 24, Reuben was refusing his bottle although starving and just in so much pain. I had on jammies , dressing gown and a fleece blanket and I was shivering and my temp was 38.9 - Reuben has reflux and I’ve got a rajing urine infection. He’s been prescribed baby gaviscon which I’ll need to pick up tomorrow so 🤞 it’ll help. Poor wee guy 😢 xxx

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Sisi14 in reply to Amanda86

Aw Hunni your both not too good , I hope the gaviscon works for the little one and you also get better , hope you both get well by the weekend. Xx

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Kt19 in reply to Amanda86

Thank god he’s been seen my youngest had reflux too thought it sounded just like her x incline and lots of clean bibs bless him xx

That does sound like a lot of feeding... babies sometimes just want to be held it does happen. It's a big change from being inside mummy then outside into the world. Have you tried a dummy? Maybe he wants the comfort of sucking rather than being hungry

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Amanda86 in reply to roxannacar

Tried the dummy but he doesn’t like it. He also does all the cues of eating his hands, turning his neck to mine and opening his mouth etc. Discussed with the doctor last night and she thinks he’s very hungry because he doesn’t alway finish his bottles so I’ve to encourage him to take 80/90mls and she thinks this will help him to settle longer between feeds as he’ll feel more satisfied. Hopefully once his reflux medicine kicks in he’ll be feeling better and up to taking his bottles again xxx

My daughter also had acid reflex it was so bad she was constantly puking up the meds helped her so much when she got to around 7 months I was able to slowly stop the reflex meds she’s 12months now and seems to be doing great hope your baby feels better soon the meds also kicked in pretty fast when she started them

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Amanda86 in reply to Joey89

Thanks so much for the reply, very reassuring to hear the medication does help. Breaks my heart not being able to help him 😢 xxx

Hi Amanda86. In my experience with colic, babies tend to pull their legs up to prevent pulling on their tummies, so don't think it is that. If he is weeing and pooing ok then it's probably nothing to do with his digestive system. Is he hot? Not specifically with a temperature, but it has been very muggy of late. I would just watch and wait. Of course if you are worried at all, then off to your GP.. Hope he soon settles. Diane xx

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Amanda86 in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you for the reply. We ended up going to hospital last night and he’s got reflux, I’ve been given infant gaviscon so hopefully it’ll help him 🤞

Poor little thing. Feel so helpless not being able to help him xxx

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DianeArnold in reply to Amanda86

Hi Amanda86. You did the right thing, so you have helped him. I don't know whether thy gave you any advice, but if not, be careful the bottle nipple hole is not to big and just hold him up a bit more when feeding him and burp him more often. Hopefully it will settle eventually. A worry you don't need, but hopefully the Gaviscon will help too. Thinking of you. Diane

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