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hi I just wanted some guidance really,

I was on the nexplanon which was removed 31st May 2018 as me and my fiancé are trying for baby no.2

With the implant I had periods for the 11 months I was on it but wouldn’t be every month and sometimes lasted 2 weeks on a estimate.

For example;

I came on my period on the 26th March for roughly around 10 days

I then started my next period on the 9th May which last 2 weeks.

I have no idea how to calculate when my next period would be/ovulation would occur due to the hit and miss cycle on the nexplanon.

Today for example, my nipples have felt slightly tender for a couple of days and I have mild cramping in my Lower abdomen.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you in advanced

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Hi try opk tests if you find out ovulation day your period should be 14 days later. I think you just have to give you body time to adjust aswel so periods might be abit off for a few months.

You can't expect your period will necessary stay the same, and if might change due to the hormonal change. I would say just take it easy have sex and hope for the best. Once/if you get a regular pattern then you can calculate... there are apps that can help you.

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