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Trying to conceive but overweight

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Trying to conceive but overweight and worried this will hamper the pregnancy if I do become pregnant. Is it safe to start doing exercises and losing weight whilst trying to conceive?

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Yeah it's safe hun. I'm classed as obese and we conceived 3 times in 10 months. Unfortunately we had 2 miscarriages before being blessed with our rainbow boy xx

You are right it might have effect on your fertility but might not. I was overweight during both my pregnancies. However loosing weight whilst trying to conceive is fine, however I wouldn't go on any crazy diets but rather eat well and cut out high sugary fried stuff etc

I was classed as obse with my 2nd and preganant with my 3 rd I was 17 st with my second and 16 st with this ive a beautiful girl and another on the way. Yea it’s a little harder with my joints but it’s always good to loose weight for your health. Good luck Hun x

Thanks, that helps. Will try not to go crazy! Lol. What about exercising? That ok to start doing some fitness sessions now whilst I'm not remotely used to it?

Yes it's safe I'm classed as obese I've conceived 3 times in two years first was a miscarriage early on my second well my youngest is now 16 months and I'm 19 weeks pregnant currently. I weight about 18 and a half stone it might have an impact but it might not at all

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