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Hi I could really use your help!!

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Hi I am new here ! I have a weird issue that Is just driving me nutz ,I am 7 days late on my period with pregnancy symptoms such as nausea vomiting dizziness head aches cramping breast sore ,but I have taken over 15 test or more ! a lot are negative and a handful positive but the positive ones took between 30min to a hour to show up so since it was outside of the time limit for the tests instruction I am told it’s invalid and is commonly known as a evaporation line so now I feel confused and worried that it may be a health issue . Please if anyone has advice or has been through this please let me know ! I’ve heard Evap lines are usually grey or colorless but on some accassions have color ! I do have a appointment set for Monday for blood test to rule out pregnancy but this is me being inpatient and worrisome!

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They sometimes show positive when left longer then then should I would leave it a couple of days and test on a clear blue the ones where it says pregnant /not pregnant . Good luck please don’t look at test after the stated time xx good luck x

Thank you yes I’m am tossing those as invalid but all digitals I have taken say no but still no period so I’m just worried but I already have a appointment scheduled for Monday for blood test to rule out pregnancy thank u for your response though

i think you are pregnant, it may be too early to distinguish your hcg hormone.. how long has it been since your last period or the last time you had sex? sometimes it doesn't show and you indeed got a few positives so id follow that. do you FEEL pregnant? does it feel like somethings not right or you never experience this? any other symptoms like mood imbalance? follow your intuition.. any other recent changes in your life?

I only have headaches dizziness some mild nausea and cramps they make me think I’m goin to start and then nothing my stomach feels more on the firmer side aswell and tightens up when I eat a big meal

Hm wierd check your blood in a few days time when your ready :)

That’s my next thing I’m doing I just want rule out pregnancy and get to the bottom of this

I’ve had five kids already I feel like somethings up with my body that isn’t normal but every pregnancy is different and my period app says I’m nine days but the dr office claims I’m seven days late either way I’ve never been this late before and I’m just so confused I found out really early with my other child and these positive test. Are considered invalid due to them not showing a result till after the recommended time so I’m kinda lost

It could be an evaporation line. I wouldn't think it's positive if you have to wait 30+ mins plus for it to show like this, you could wait a few days ... if it's going to be positive then it would show a stronger line within 5 mins.

Hi Cellybean1988, you can’t have a false positive test. So get in touch with your gp and notify them that you think pregnant you are they and ask them to check your bloods as this will also rule out pregnancy too. Good luck and keep us posted xx

I would recommend a pink dye test, there so much better than these clear blue ones, the cheap ones from £1 shop, home bargains etc I even tested on an afternoon with these and got a Bfp good luck xx

thank u i have used the pink eye ones they all show negative then like 30 min later show positive but again it’s more likely a Evap line at the time I’m now 8 days late which isn’t normal for me

Well thats strange if I was you I’d book and urgent appt at your gp don’t mention what it’s for until your actually in the room as they just make you wait then explain to doctor what’s what and they will do bloods xx

I have a blood test scheduled for tomorrow if it’s negative for pregnancy I will be even more worried as it could at that point be a serious health issue

Sometimes stress can delay things try not to worry hun I know easy said than done, thing is you may be pregnant and there’s not enough hormones yet that’s why the tests are taking too long xx

I try not to worry and I’m not more stressed than usual but if I were prego I’d be five weeks I believe I was told it should show on urine by that time but I’ll update every one as soon as I go and get blood tests

Let us know Hun 😊 xxx

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