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Anxious and hesitant

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I am now five days late (which never happens). I took a test when I was 2 days late and it came out with a very faint positive. the next day I took another one and it was negative. I've begun having cramps and feeling sick but no bleeding. I'm hesitant about taking another test, don't want to be disappointed if it comes back negative. should I take another one and when? The two I took previously were clear blue early response. TIA!

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Hi , I would get a first response or a 15mul test as clear blue is 25mul so the lower they mul the better and a pink dye test is also very good! I would test on the 7th day with first morning urine . Good luck xx

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Thank you. I've also been getting sick the last two days and this morning was really dizzy and light headed. Think I'm really gonna have to retest.

Hi, I would test again and if the line is fainter or not there I would go to an early pregnancy unit. Last year I tested earlier and got a faint line (but very clear), two days after, tested again and the line was fainter, than on the day my period was due I started bleeding. Went to A&E, they sent me to early pregnancy unit and the ultrasound showed an empty gestational sac, I had a miscarriage confirmed 2 days later.

Every case is different, but if you want to know for sure I would keep retesting every 2 days.

I'm now 13 weeks pregnant and before getting pregnant I bought on Amazon 15 very sensitive (10mul) for about 3 pounds. Very worth it as it showed the line (faint at the beginning) few days before period was due.

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So is there a possibility that I'm miscarriaging??

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It is possible that the second test failed as false negative is more likely than false positive, but there is also a possibility of miscarrying in these very early stage. I only share my experience to encourage you to test again. At least for me, I think is always best to know what is happening, but people is different. Do whatever you thing is right for you. Good luck and keep me posted.

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After 7 days late, even poundland test should be able to give you a positive result. Good luck

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Ok thank you and i will.

Update: took another test on Friday which was 7 days after I was due to start my period and it came out negative. Took another on day 8 and no control line so doesn't count. Took another one this morning (day 9) and negative. The tests on Friday and this morning were First Response all the others were clear blue.

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