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Bit confused if am pregnant or not?

Hey everyone, I normally don't do things like this I have had no period this month and am 7days late today, I have done 2 clear blue test one the day my period was due and one today both say negative results. I have heart burn which I never have, my breast have changed and last month I had what I thought was a period but looking back now it only lasted for a day and half; so confused on what's happening.

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I don't know...!! I remember when I first got pregnant when I was 18, tests were negative, I went doctors and he wasn't much use. I think I was almost missing my second period before it said positive. And sometimes I've had periods that seem to take a lot longer to come on. So obviously I don't know if you are or not, especially as the tests say negative. Maybe just have to wait and see.. Or maybe see your doctor. Good luck x


Thanks Michelle, I have been thinking about maybe see my doctor and see what they think as everything I have seems to pointing the same my first child I was 21 and had very few symptoms of being pregnant at the start, as I was nearly 12 weeks when I found out; that was seven years ago so think I might she the doctor.


Lol Yeh definitely book a doctor appointment then. I think you'd rather know before 12 weeks. 😁


Me too last time I had a lot of things going on with studying at university, but zoomed in to it now and it's annoying not knowing.


Will keep u updated

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I had unprotected sex last april 7, 2018 a week after I had my period that lasted for 7 days. I also had my period last May 20, 2018 which also lasted for 7 days. And then, this month, I had my period last June 23,2018 and it just lasted for 3 days. Can I be pregnant?


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