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I'm pregnant ans don't know what to do, help?

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i took 2 pregnancy tests yesterday and they both came out positive. I'm only 16 and would be 17 when the baby comes. But everyone thinks i should get an abortion and that it'd be best for my partner and me, but i woke up this morning feeling so attached to my child, and now i don't know what to do, i don't want to choose to keep the baby and make not only my partner but our parents unhappy. any suggestions?

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Hi Happymummy12, the decision is yours Hun you need to book in the docs and speck to them they be more informed and be able to help. It’s not a easy decision I was 18 when I fell pregnant with my first and it was hard but the best thing I ever did but it’s not always the same for others. How does your partner feel and have you spoken to your mum? X

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yes i have, she's never liked the idea of abortions but she thinks its the best thing for my partner and i's future x

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Your mum sounds amazing x best thing is to get in to see the docs and go from there no one can make that decision for you Hun x

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Okay thank you x

It's definitely your choice! Please don't let anyone decide for you! It's something you'd have to live with every single day! If you want to keep it, then there is nothing anybody else can do! It's about your happiness too! Hope all goes well! Definitely book with the doctor and have a chat with them. :)

Hey Hun,

It obviously depends on your circumstances, however, like the previous poster has said it’s about your happiness too. Especially that u said ur already attached to the baby. I’m 35 years old and had my first baby in Feb this year and I love him to bits. I cried tears of happiness every day for the first 3 weeks after having him cause I couldn’t believe this little miracle has happened to me. I have had two previous missed miscarriages and they were a nightmare. Had to undergo two manual vacuuming and felt unhappy and miserable ever since. Prior to then I have been on a pill for 11 years. To tell u the truth I really regret being on the pill for so long and I wish I had children much sooner. Life can be ‘funny’ sometimes and things rarely go to he way we planned or wanted them to be. I would keep that child if I were you. It’s a new life, new person that’s growing inside u and they deserve to be born and loved. That’s my advice.

Lots of love xxx

I'm really sorry that that happened to you. And thank you so much this really helps xx

You’re more than welcome Hun, I think it’s important that we appreciate what we have. I’d rather have children early than not have them at all. Sometimes if u really want them, it doesn’t happen and you only get one chance. Trust me I’ve been through a lot and I personally think you should keep it. No motherhood is ever easy but living without child would be rubbish. Think of you not so much what others want. They’ll all learn to love your baby and adapt and it will be the best decision u had made.

Lots of love xxx

I'm hopping so, I'm excited to see what will happen. Thank you again, I may not be getting much support but the little that i am getting helps so much, so i truly appreciate the support xxx

Yourmum might think its best now for your future but i was 17 when i first fell pregnant and ten years down the line me and partner are expecting our 3rd child. Yes i didnt go to university because i made the choice not to, but just because you have kids doesnt mean you cant my mum went back as an adult learner when i was 8 and my brother one

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also my mum suggested i think about an abortion it was a knee jerk reaction, she wouldnt change me having my eldest at all now, your mum loves you and will more than likely be there for you no matter what in the end even if shes hesitant now

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