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Steroid injection at 33 weeks

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Hi All,

So I’m 33 weeks tomorrow and I have just been admitted to hospital as the believe I’ve been having some mild contractions along with some brown spotting.

They diagnosed me with diabetes about 6 weeks ago so think they are being extra cautious.

Anyone else been given the steroid injection to develop babies lungs and gone to full term.

Worried I will go into pre term Labour at 33 weeks. What are the chances of baby surviving if I do?


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Aw hun sorry it’s not going to well for you ! Not had experience of steroids injections, but as you are 33 weeks the doctors wouldn’t deliver if they really thought baby was in danger , my nephews were born at 24 weeks and 1lb and now they are 5 years old . Are the trying to slow your labour also ? They will put you on bed rest! I hope it all goes as well as possible for you and baby , thinking of you both xx

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Thank you for the reply. They are just monitoring me at the moment. Sugar levels and baby’s heartbeat. Think they are hoping it’s nothing serious (same for me too) guess I’m in the best place for the time being hoping I will be out sooner rather than later with baby staying put for a little while longer xx

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Aw hun well hopefully the contractions slow down and you go a few more days or weeks but your on the best place hun even though I know it’s frustrating, but as long as your both looked after I suppose that’s all that counts ! Xx

The good news is that with technology now a days baby chances of doing well at 33 are very high! Especially if they are giving you a steroid injection before. You might manage a few more weeks too so don't loose hope, but if you don't baby is likely to be fine!

33 weeks is a very good gestation for survival, they can survive now from 23 weeks so all will be well, fingers crossed!

My nephew was born at 33 weeks and it perfectly healthy. All these questions can be answered by the hospital doctor or consultant, it's better to ask them as they know your medical history and will give you an accurate answer.

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