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41 and pregnant with baby 4!


We got a surprise bfp yesterday, after deciding not to try for anymore!! We are both chuffed. It's early days so we're nervously excited. I knew before test as I have that oh so familiar early nausea.

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Congratulations 😍

Thank you 😘

I’m waiting on my 2nd think he’s rather comfy at the moment 😍

When are you due? I went over with all three of mine. The last one was 10lb 3oz 😲

I have 4weeks left I went early with my son he was 6lb 6oz I’m hoping this little one comes soon it’s a struggle now can hardly walk lol xx

A huge congratulations to you Hunni all the best ! X 😍

Thank you! X

Your welcome xx

Congratulations hun. I had my 3rd at 42. Enjoy it all x

How old are your children? X

22, 20 and 4 x

Mine with hubby are 8,3,18months. Hubby has 23 and 20 from first marriage. Though older ones never shown any interest in younger ones.

That's so sad. My older 2 are both with my ex husband and they adore my youngest. They are both his godfather's too x

It's a bit of jealousy and a bit too focused on social lives, hopefully it'll change in time x

Oh congratulations I’m pregnant on my 3rd! My mam had my younger brother at 40 I was 13 wen he was born! He was her 4th she said it was her easiest cause we helped out so much 👍 congratulations amazing news ❤️

Congratulations! My oldest is 8, then 3 them current youngest 18 months. My husband has two from his first marriage 23&20! He'll be 48 when baby born 😂🧓. We'd decided no more but this is a very happy accident. X

congrats im pregnant with my 3rd my eldest is 8 youngest is 16 month nearly. im excited but anxious as eldest is autistic and a handful, so im going to have him at 8 year and nearly 10 month my youngest at 21 months when this new one is born its gonna be a lot to handle

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