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Late period & TTC

Hi everyone, I have things going on through my heads, my husband told me to share this. maybe you guys can help me with it. I had a late period in may. My period was supposed to come on monday the 7th of May based on 27 cycle , but it's came on friday the 11th of may instead. I'm experimenting a lot of pain and I also a lots of clot coming out as well . I never I had my period this late before. my period is always regurlar I don't know ,if it is due to my hysterosonogram scan which I had on the 19th of april 2018 that swift my cycle or the iron and folic acid medications that i'm taking has also something to do with it ???

I started taking my folic and iron on the 14th of april which was recommended by my Gp to take for 2 months. I thought I was pregnant when I missed my period on monday. I was in shock when I seen my period yesterday. I'm still crying, guys does anyone have any advice about this please ??

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