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Pregnant or not


I had unprotected intercourse three days before my ovulation, then I took emergency contraceptive within 16 hours of the intercourse. Now I’m 5 days late on my period, took a home test today. And the attached picture is my result. I’m not sure is that a negetive result or a positive one. And I took the test in the middle of the day, so the pee was quite diluted. Pls help

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That is definitely positive. The two lines aren't equally distinct, but they are both quite clear. They aren't always the same

Definitely positive. The second line doesn't always have to be as strong as the other. Even a barely faint line is a positive.

If you weren't trying to get pregnant then see your GP to get help with contraception.

Pregnant!!! Congratulations xz

That's a definite positive. Emergency contraception is not 100% even when taken quickly

I honestly wasn’t trying to pregnant. Rather I’d be relived to know that it was a negetive result. I was going through first response test review I saw a lot of girls complaining about how false the results can be. Some of them said they had two lines shown on the test but then they started bleeding so they weren’t pregnant. Im hoping that’ll be my case. However I’ve booked a blood test tomorrow just to be sure. Let’s see how that goes. Anyways, thank you so much guys. roxannacar Major2116 Sisi14 Kata89

Think you ought to prepare yourself for the fact that you’re pregnant in that case


Obviously some pregnancies ends in misscarriage but you have to plan what you gonna do if yours doesn't. It doesn', really matter if you plan on continuing with your pregnancy or not, the first step would be talking to your gp. He/she can advise you what to do next.

I was wondering you guys know if the test result varies if I hold the kit in urine for a longer time than recommended? I strongly believe mine was more like an evaporation line. Or you may say that’s what I so want to believe. I’m freaking out guys

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I do understand that you don't want to be pregnant, but ignoring the test result is not going to make it go away. If you don't go to see your GP, you are very likely to get an unwanted surprise in 8 months or so.

I had sex 3 days before my ovulation... which means I technically did not even ovulate when I had unprotected sex. On top of that I took morning after pill exactly within 16 hours. The last time I took emergency contraceptive, my period was late by 13 days. I swear those were the worst 13 days of my life and it felt like a decade. I don’t want to go through the same thing again. And that is why I booked a blood test just to make sure what it is. This stress is making me go nuts. Can anyone kindly tell me what are really the chances for me to get pregnant?

Your definitely pregnant hun that test is such a strong positive thr test line is stronger than control line. Unfortunately emergency contraception doesn't work all the time 💝😘

Sisi07 in reply to Zinnat_00

The sperm can live longer than that inside your body, NHS says up to 5 days, but I've read some doctors who say up to 7 days.

roxannacar in reply to Zinnat_00

You are fertile before your ovulation... also you don't always ovulate on day 14 it's not an exact science. That's a positive test tho doesn't look like an evaporation line. I think you need to try and consider your options and choices

Major2116 in reply to Zinnat_00

I hadn't started ovulation but I got caught just before. 8 months after finding out, I gave birth to our little boy.

Too many people think the 'pull out methods or the after pill is a safe way to not get pregnant and couldn't be more wrong.

When I found out I was pregnant, my line was more faint than yours.

Unfortunately some people can miscarry and not realise. My friend used the same pregnancy test as you and she was in fact pregnant. A few days later she miscarried and started to bleed.

I think you need to face reality that you're pregnant and consider your next steps.

It is definitely a positive result. Last year I got a positive result testing 5 days earlier and retested 5 times, all of them positive, although the last one got a fainter line than the third one. On the day my period was due I started bleeding, went to A & E and the ultrasound showed there was a pregnancy and I was having an early miscarriage. So If I haven't tested earlier I wasn't going to know I was pregnant because It wasn't even late. So I guess it is much more likely for these false positive results to be down to miscarriage than test problems. If I were you I would retest, poundland tests are just as good as other more expensives after you due.

Lyndsaytw79 in reply to Sisi07

Exactly this

Yeah it’s a positive go see a doctor as soon as if it’s an unwanted pregnancy.

And get some advice on contraception for the future.

If you don’t want a baby you should be on protection.

Any reason you’re not using protection if you desperately do not want to be pregnant?

So I went to the doctor today.... you guys were so right I am pregnant. Wish me luck with the further procedure guys :)

What a joke,(putting that smiley face there is really not funny) no luck being wished from here. Just trying to send you common sense. GET SOME PROPER CONTRACEPTION!!!!!!!!!!! so you don't get yourself into this situation again

roxannacar in reply to Zinnat_00

You obviously upset a lot of people here! It is quite sad that you think an abortion is a joke not matter what school of thought you're coming from.

Im sorry but, I find this post quite rude.

There are people on here who have been trying for a long time to have a baby, some people who have lost a baby. Then you come on here where women post daily how much heartache they have when wanting a baby so badly. To say wish me luck with the next 'procedure'. I am all for women and their rights and what they do with their body but, dont come on here and announce what you plan to do, to some women a baby is all they want! Ypu should be on contraception if you didnt want to get pregnant instead of asking us to confirm whether you are or not !!

I am a 10 weeks pregant and over the moon and could not imagine saying anything like that about my unborn child !

Amanda86 in reply to Elleb2017

Well said! A miscarriage followed by 3 rounds of IVF to achieve my pregnancy (now 35 weeks) and the last thing I want to read is someone wishing they weren’t pregnant, not on anything to prevent pregnancy, taking the morning after pill like that’s a form of contraception and then finding out they are pregnant and wanting to be wished luck for the next procedure.

I don’t wish you luck with anything but I do wish that you would see a GP and get yourself on some contraception and stop having sex and taking the morning after pill as a way of trying to prevent pregnancy.

As said above, some people want a baby so badly it’s all they can think of and for them conceiving isn’t easy, don’t come on here and ask to be wished luck with your unwanted pregnancy that you aren’t even preventing from happening in the first place. It’s actually disgusting!

lianm8 in reply to Elleb2017

🙌🏻🙌🏻 I’ve had four rounds of ivf to become a mum and posts like this upset me - agree women are allowed to have a choice and I am a true believer of that but don’t feel it needs to be shouted from the roof tops!

It's so sad you're in this situation, especially because you don't want to be pregnant but don't seem to have taken any responsible action to prevent it. Why weren't you using contraception? And putting a smiley face after stating that you're going to have an abortion is so wrong. Please get some actual contraception so this doesn't happen again.

You make it sound like you’re going for a bikini wax for god sake. Have some compassion and respect for the ladies on this forum. There’ll be no good luck wishes coming your way.

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