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Negative test but late period


Me and my husband are trying for a baby and I’m a week late on my period and I’ve done 3 tests that all came back negative. I’ve had really bad period pains for the past 2 weeks but no signs of any period. I’ve had a look online which is saying about ectopic pregnancy.....I’m going to book an appointment at my doctors but wondered if anyone else has had a similar thing?

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Hi Hun , haven’t had similar experience, only a miscarriage in the past! Have you used a digital test and first urine too xx

Leannew91 in reply to Sisi14

Hiya, I’ve not used a digital test? Just 3 of the ones with the lines? (Not sure what they’re called!) I did use 3 different brands but still nothing. Xx

This is my exact situation! I don't want to book an appointment yet though as I feel it's too early, going to leave it another week as I'm on CD32 and should've came on period CD26/27 x

Leannew91 in reply to ffsjes

Yeah I’ve booked an appointment for Wednesday so hopefully they’ll be able to tell me more! Xx

ffsjes in reply to Leannew91

Hopefully! Let me know how you get on hun xx

I’m kind of in a similar situation, having pregnancy symptoms but I got 2 positive tests and loads of negatives. I went to the doctors Friday and waiting for my test results which I should get back tomorrow! She did say it is possible to be pregnant and get negative tests, some women don’t have high levels of hCG so sometimes don’t get positive tests early on

Fingers crossed it’s that and nothing sinister! Good luck for tomorrow!

Ah thank you. Good luck for your appointment too x

All the best ladies I hope you get the results your hoping and praying for !! Fingers crossed 🤞 xx

Hello! I wish you luck. I only tested positive when I was 6weeks, made like 3 tests before and all came negative so just wait a little bit more and do another...

Good luck!

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