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Am I pregnant

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Hi all just looking for some advice I had my implant put over two weeks ago nearly three weeks ago me and my boyfriend have sex a lot with out any condoms etc.. recently I would say a week after having my implant out I’ve been getting a lot of pregnancy signs and I have done a couple of pregnancy tests but all say negative 👎🏻 I came off my period the day After I had my implant out . I’m very Confused 🤷‍♀️ on what to do. I’ve been getting cramps like I’ve never had before. Headaches. Weeing a lot through out the day. I’ve never been pregnant before or anything so I don’t know if I’m doing the pregnancy tests too soon or... if anyone could help be great

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I doubt you’d get symptoms a week after your implant was out and if your tests are negative I’d say your not but funnier things have happened. Are you trying to get pregnant? If not then you need to use contraception. Try a test in a few weeks time to be sure.

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Yeah I am trying to get pregnant I’m 23 and in a happy relationship for over a year. I did ask my doctor when I got my implant out and he said I could get pregnant ASAP as no longer have an contraception.. so I’m not sure I’ve been having near enough every single symptoms and I read online you can get early symptoms obviously it’s been 3 weeks pretty much since having it out now.. so unsure

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All you can do is test or until you get a period then you can work out better your cycle days and ovulation.

Is this an arm plant or womb one? If arm it's unlikely your fertility will return on day 1 as hormone will still be in your body. You might get some weird symptoms and funny periods because your implant was removed... any hormonal contraception can.

Be patient...

I keep keep trying to take tests ect work out my cycle days etc and my period been gone since I had it out, as I was on my period while I had it in for over a week then once it came out the next day my periods was gone and hmm not to sure then I’ve been told so many different things it’s unreal lol so I’ll just wait and see if not I’ll try speaking to my GP.

Just wait ... gp will tell you the same... any hormonal contraception can give you these symptom (starting or stopping) and it's unlikely to have gotten pregnant that quickly. It can happen but unlikely... wait till you get your periods back to normal and then try tracking... if you still not getting your period in s month then check the pregnancy test again but you period make take a while to come back

I’ll *

I got my implant out in September and still waiting for my first period, and have been unable to conceive so far! I got loads of pregnancy like symptoms at the beginning but unfortunately wasn’t pregnant. Obviously we’re all different so I have my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏽

Oh no hopefully you do soon too! And thankyou I really wanna be mum but I’m so unsure did u have any of the pregnancy signs when u had ur implant out x

Ah thanks! I’ve never been pregnant before so unsure if they were symptoms or just wishful thinking... but I was feeling nauseous for a couple of weeks after getting my implant out. And just a bit weird if that makes sense? Fingers crossed for us both! ☺️ X

Same I’ve never been pregnant before ether so unsure what’s going on lol and yeah fingers crossed 🙏xx

While unlikely impossible I got my implant out in the Feb at the end i mighy add when trying for our second didn't have a period before falling pregnant in the march though i sadly miscarried at about 5 to 6 weeks but then i didnt have a period after the miscarriage and I feel pregnant again my second is now 15 month old

I'm having similar issues after mirena removal been 4 and half weeks since removal and 6 half weeks since last period. Checked week ago n wasn't pregnant but I do feel it 🙊🙊

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I’m actually 21 weeks pregnant lol now so I did get pregnant really quick after coming off implant x

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I had my implant out 2 and a half weeks ago I had unprotected sex the same day. Then my period stopped them I continued to have unprotected sex . I've now been getting these symptoms such as back pain stomach twinges not been able to eat a lot as I use to urinating a lot more come off foods I use to eat could be pregnant

That's exciting 👏👏 I've been getting bad pains in lower tummy but not due to check until another week so not sure if this is a sign of early pregnancy or not

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