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Could I have conceived?

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I am taking the mini-pill.

Period came on expected date 10/04/18.

Cycle is 23 days long.

Had sex Friday 13th night (Was still bleeding but ovulation calendar suggests first fertile day is Saturday 14th). Partner finished inside me.

Missed pill saturday.

Had sex Saturday 14th night. Partner didn't finish inside.

Now 11 days post start of period and 7 days post sex, experiencing slight tummy cramps, frequent urination and spotted the tiniest amount about 3 days ago.

My period usually lasts 4-5 days and I never get pains past the first 2 days.

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l dont think that you have conceived but in this situation if it had happened wow l mean there is nothing impossible in the world but it is low chance

Why don’t you take a test?

I think it would be too early for a test now, wouldn't it?

Yes possibly, as you missed a pill.

Watch your self till ending of this month.

Try to take a pregnancy test.

I may wait until next week, I think it's too early to test now.

Yes maybe it is too early. But I was so anxious. I took at test this am, it say negative. Omg. The waiting game.

I'm not due period until friday but took one today and negative so may wait until friday to see. Good Luck xx

It is possible as the sperm can still remain alive for 5 days after it’s happened. Test again towards the end of next week. Good luck x

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Williams80 in reply to Chels976

Ok this month, I didn’t get my period. Is that normal? Should I wait in the morning to take a test?

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Chels976 in reply to Williams80

Did you take a test on the first day of your missed period, if not you need to do it then chick xx

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Williams80 in reply to Chels976

Well I took a test a week after missed period, not it Say I’m not. But I will test again in the morning and see. Omg I spend so much on pregnancy test it’s crazy. I’m hoping I am pregnant. Maybe I should just see a doctor for a blood test instead. Crossing fingers hoping I am.

Did u take the pill on Sunday and continue taking the rest? If you’ve continued to take the rest as normal you probably won’t be pregnant but always take a test to be sure if period is missed.

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Williams80 in reply to gcw104

Hi was you asking me if I was takin pills? I am not using any birth control. We are trying to get pregnant.

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gcw104 in reply to Williams80

Sorry I was replying to the original post of woof898989 she said she missed a pill.

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Williams80 in reply to gcw104

Oh ok My bad, I was confused .

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