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Piles... anusol?


Hi, I have heard anusol is good for piles... what do you think? And can anyone tell me whether the midwife can prescribe anusol, or does it have to be a GP? Even better can you get anusol or anything else that really works for piles from the pharmacy? I'm just wondering what to do if I can't get a doctor's appointment! I really want to get them better before I go into labour (I am 38 weeks plus 4)

Thank you

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My gp prescribed a really good steroid cream and suppository, tbh anusol isn’t great.

You don’t need a prescription for anusol. You can buy it over the counter from pharmacy, supermarket etc. Can’t comment on effectiveness though I’m afraid as never used any.

I had similar issues. Tried anusol hc cream (has steroid in it) direct from pharmacist. When this wasn't effective, gp prescribed anusol suppository which worked better. Found out after you can get this direct from pharmacy too. Though I did have 1 pharmacist who didn't want me having it without prescription! She suggested preparation h instead. Decided to go to other pharmacy as wanted to stick with what worked. Most midwives don't prescribe so would have to be gp if want prescription but they should be able to do by phone appointment which should be quicker to get! X

Thank you for the replies!

Depending how bad it is it's not so bad going into labor with them. Had them as well in pregnancy. Told midwife about them during labour. Immediately after baby was born they put a suppository in (such a relief) and then got a prescription for a cream from gp when I got home.

It's best to go in so the gp can have a look and prescribe one that's strong enough to deal with them/appropriate. They might also give you something to drink to help make poos softer and easier to pass so the piles don't form

I bought anusol a few days ago from the pharmacist because I was in such a pain, I could not wait until the gp appointment. It really worked for me and the gp told me is perfectly safe por pregnancy and beyond. I am 37+2 and piles are much better.

I had bad piles & constipation, I would literally be crying because it was unbearable. My GP gave me CosmoCol (Orange Lemon & Lime Flavour) it’s a powder you mix with water & drink. It saved my life! No more pain, didn’t irritate the wound caused by piles & my stool was incredibly soft. I even gave some to a friend who suffers with the same problem. Might take a few days to kick it, but trust me, I’ve never had a problem since.

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