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First trimester

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Hello everyone

I guess l conceived around 30 March but l am not sure. Clear blue digital test with weeks indicator shows 2-3 weeks pregnant. I have abdominal pains for 10 days but l read that this is normal. But last night l had watery colourless discharge which followed with abdominal pains and cramping (not so bad but enough to make me worry it was cold day and l felt cold all day can this be the reason?) Then l had slight pink spotting about 2 hours maybe about 10 drops. Then l slept and in the morning there was no pain or spotting. Today l just had normal everyday abdominal pain and discharge this time normal everyday one l think. My appointment with midwife is in the end of April but l am full of questions and worry . My experience last night can be a miscarriage? Do all pregnant women have this kind of problems?

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It sounds normal to me hun. We've had 2 miscarriages and recently given birth to our rainbow boy so I have experience from both sides.

They will usually add 2 weeks on so they'll probably say 4-5 weeks pregnant. The fact that the pain went away and it wasn't too bad sounds good. I had period pain with our son n it made me worry some days as it was quite bad but it was totally normal. Some people do get pinky discharge. As long as it's not brown or bright red then that's normal too.

I also was hot and cold ALL the time when I was pregnant. I drove my fiancé mad turning the heating on n off n stripping then putting layers on all the time haha!

Unless you get really intense period pain that doesn't go away and brown/bright red bleeding, it seems normal to me hun. If you are worried then you can always book in with your GP.

Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! Xx

I'm about 2 weeks further along going off your estimation. I have the same feelings at times. It's normal and I wouldn't worry until the pain is very painful all over abdomen or only on 1 side and the blood is bright red and a lot of it. Spotting and cramping will come and go as your uterus expands and organs are shifting to make room.

I had a scare 2 days ago and went to the ER because there was quite a bit of bleeding. Turns out I have an infection causing it that needs to be treated. So I'd say even if it's not as bad as a period bleed but more than spotting, I'd get checked out to make sure it's not an infection.

I have days where I get freezing cold. At the hospital I was wrapped like a burrito with warmed blankets lol

This night again pains and spotting started so today l was to my gp and she send me to the hospital for scan(l felt that she suspected ectopic pregnancy)

Transvaginal scan showed nothing the woman said that there is something 2mm which can be gestational sac but that she is not sure and l can be less than 5 weeks pregnant.

I have some blood tests today l will also go on Saturday and they will see the hcg increase decrease or staying the same and then it will be obvious if this is miscarriage ectopic pregnancy or if hcg increase normally for these 48 hours they will do another scan after week or two.

I am afraid sad and feeling bad. This is my first pregnancy me and my husband have been longing for a baby for a year it was like a miracle to us when we see the positive test it was such a happiness ... Now our faces down our smile faded and l am afraid to go on Saturday if l hear bad thing ...

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They won't really be able to tell on a scan until 6 weeks hun. Try not to worry.

Wishing you all the best xx

Don’t give up hope just yet there’s not a lot to see at 5 weeks it would only be a dot see how you get on in a couple of weeks good luck x

Hello I'm experiencing the same thing I've took 3 home pregnancy test that were negative blood and urine that were negative as well felt crampng and had diarrhea I had spotting my last period was March 7 now it's april 19th and still no period..I'm just as confused.good luck!!with your pregnancy.

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