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Ovulation cervix pressure

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Just being nosy and wondering if anyone else gets pressure on their cervix when they ovulate? My tacker estimated ovulation as Saturday but I've got a dull abdo ache and pressure on my cervix today, feel almost like I need to push. Was hoping this would go away after my lap in January. Just wandered if anyone else gets this?

I'll so ovulation tests when I get home... Might be a baby making opportunity

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Hi I get pains nearly every month on ovulation day sometime worse than others usually only for the day, and sometimes during sex (tmi) I can feel him hit my cervix which is senstive/painful in a way. But reading it says your cervix is higher during ovulation so dunno. Also my doctor says im not ovulating as I should so this maybe also why I get pains? Does your pressure only happen during ovulation? Maybe see a doctor.

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I get the pressure just before my period as wlel. I'm seeing my consultant in July so will mention it then as well and have a sear coming up so will ask the nurse if my cervix looks ok. Its just so weird! Its similar to being constipated but not in the right place! Such an odd feeling.

Thanks so much for your reply xxx

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Ah right thats not how I feel, maybe you have an infection or STI better to get checked out anyway.

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Hannah27 in reply to gcw104

I have endometriosis. And its NOT an STI, Ive been with my partner 8years. But I will get checked, thanks for your replies :)

Sorry didnt mean to offend just suggestions, hope you can get to the bottom of it.

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