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Naproxen and irregular cycles



I was prescribed naproxen for back pain in November and took it for two months until the end of Dec. I wasn't told at the time, and in too much pain to read the small print but I've since read that it can affect fertility but not sure how.

During this time I was using an ovulation monitor. Before taking the naproxen I was 28 days cycle with peak LH at days 15/16 but then when I was taking naproxen (and after) I went to 26 days and peak at days 11/12. I've never not been 28 days.

Now 3 months on, I've returned to 28 days, but still 3 days early detecting a rise and peaking at days 12/13 and wondering if this is still the naproxen.

Has anyone else taken naproxen and noticed a change in cycle? And how long did any effects last?


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I’m on naproxen Hun and literally just took one as I’ve just sat down and I didn’t know that either . My cycles are now 26 to 27 days and only a 3 day cycle instead of my 5-7 day cycle , I thought it was due to a DC in August removing my missed miscarriage of twins , I’m considering going back to the doctors next week. Hope your ok ? I’m trying for another also but no luck as of yet xx

LenaLou in reply to Sisi14

Thank you. We had only just started trying for our first and then I injured myself at work -typical. So far no luck, and with this naproxen I don't know how long to expect altered cycles. If I'd have known I wouldn't have taken them. Sorry to hear about your situation. Interesting that you also have shorter cycles. It doesn't mention anything about that in the packet. I found research done where women didn't release an egg at all while on naproxen, so I feel anything me partner and I is doing is for nought if I'm not even ovulating :( Anyway, will continue on! Hope the doctors gives some answers to you when you go x

Sisi14 in reply to LenaLou

Thankyou my lovely, I was given a lot of these tablets on prescription and the doctor or consultant didn’t mention anything about delaying or stopping eggs so it’s interesting as now I will stop taking them also. I will ask my doc as I’ve been trying for a few months now and I have a app to know when ovulation etc is taking place ! Hope you get a sticky baby bean soon xx

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