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Am I pregnant?


Hi guys!

So I’m a little confused. About a month ago I took a pregnancy test a few weeks after taking the morning after pill ( just precaution) and it came back negative, which is what I wanted, but two days go I woke up feeling terribly sick and dizzy, I’ve never been pregnant before or even had a pregnancy scare but I knew something was wrong, so took another pregnancy test and it came back positive, the line was faint to begin with but got darker as time passed. After work I took another store pregnancy test and the same thing happened so I went and brought a digital clear blue test and it came back pregnant 2-3 weeks. So this morning I went to the hospital to get a check up and see how far along I might be as I still haven’t decided what’s best for myself and this baby yet and the test to my dismay came back negative. I walked home feeling like I had lost a baby, athought there was no blood or pain. When I got home I still didn’t feel convinced so I’ve since taken two more clear blue tests and they’re both come back positive 2-3 weeks, I’m so clonfused. Am I pregnant? I’m so lost, any help at all would be so appreciated!

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Was it an ultrasound they did at hospital? x

Mollsxx in reply to Lyndsaytw79

No just a regular test x

Lyndsaytw79 in reply to Mollsxx

Aw well in that case I’d be tempted to say it was a false negative. To get that many false positives would be nigh on impossible. Make an appointment with your gp (are you in uk?) and tell them you want referring to the early pregnancy unit for a scan. For them to say no to this would be absurd, but if they do, book yourself a private early viability scan.

You need a blood test and a scan sugar as you need to add 2 weeks to the clear blue dates so you'd be about 5 weeks. Go to your Dr ask them to do a blood test as the hospital got a negative but your still getting positives. If you haven't bled at all. Are getting positives it's most like the hospital urine test was a false negative

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